Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Very Equine Thanksgiving

Last weekend, the Bay State Equine Rescue attended the Equine Affaire, as we always do. We often get a good portion of our supplies from generous dealers at the Equine Affaire. Anyone who has horses knows - but many people who don't have or work with horses don't realize - that caring for a horse is expensive. Grain, supplies, supplements, vitamins, medicine - all cost a lot of money. Since the rescue is run entirely on volunteers and donations, it means a lot to us when dealers give us their extras and leftovers.

This year, the Bay State Equine Rescue gives our thanks for donations from Equine Affaire to:

Finish Line Horse Products, Inc.
Platinum Performance
McCauley Brothers Inc.
Poulin Grain
Central Connecticut Cooperative Farmers Association
Blue Seal Feed
U.S. Animal of Vermont
TizWhiz Sales LTD
Life Data Labs, Inc.
Uckele Health & Nutrition, Inc.
Lucerne Farms

Some of these companies also make vitamins, supplements, clothing, gifts, dog, cat, small animal… and many other non-horse products. Please help Bay State Equine Rescue thank these wonderful companies by checking them out for your holiday shopping needs!

Thank you from everyone at BSER - human and equine alike!


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