Monday, November 9, 2009

NaNoWriMo is kicking my arse…

I'm at 9198 words right now, which is more than 4000 words behind. *raspberry!*

I give myself permission to be behind right now, or I'll never make it to bed at a reasonable hour this week. I WILL catch up before the end of the month.

News Bits:

Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad is now live on Amazon! Wheee!!

We get an extra vacation! Good friend, Aimee Weinstein, hooked me & Husband-of-Awesome up with one of her timeshare weeks that she can't make… we're going to be nestled up in Rockport, Maine over Yule (yet, strangely, about the same distance away from our cousin's Yule Party as we are in MA - doesn't matter re: our attendance, though.)

Aimee will also be guest-blogging here on Friday about food (as it's Foodie Friday) and Tokyo life! I love her writing and sense of food, so I'm looking forward to what she posts. :)

Also guest-blogging this week, for Writerly Wednesday, is the fabulous Lynn Flewelling. She is fantasy author extraordinaire of the NightRunner Series and the Tamir Trilogy. Aaaannndd… she has the wicked cool distinction of teaching a writing course on a cruise! Cannot wait for this post, either. :D

Christy & I have managed to sustain our friendship despite the new world of our novel and the tests it brings.

Some Broad Universe News:

We're going to be at Arisia for sure, Boskone mostly for sure, most likely Conbust, WisCon for sure, Readercon for sure… and Dragon*Con for sure. :) Look for Rapid Fire Readings, Book Tables, and the occasional Party!

The Broad Pod is shaping up… I'm trying to figure out tech for a number of things. We have our schedule mostly done. I need to nudge a few people who said they wanted to host…

This Week:

Besides the two most-excellent guest blogs, I've got a relatively slow week (so I can catch up on NaNoWriMo???). Two restaurant reviews, rest of my team evaluations (hopefully done tomorrow so I'm not TERRIBLY late), and possibly sneaking out to some Write-Ins to aid my faltering word count. Oh - and 2 crits for my correspondence critique group. So, lets see what we can get accomplished! :)


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