Monday, November 2, 2009

When an a propos title would be generic…

I just realized I never posted my pumpkin recipe on Friday. Oops! I really don't mean to tease anyone who's waiting for it. This Friday - promise!

NaNoWriMo kicked off today. I don't know Chris's word count, but mine was a paltry 1500 or so, and that wouldn't have even gotten done if it wasn't for the Worcester Chapter meeting from 1-3PM over at Clark University today. Yay Worcester Chapter for providing discipline! That 1500 words was one whole scene, though… so not too shabby.


Today also had my the poor Husband of Awesome having to fix the brake sensor on my car again… and the water heater breaking. FTW, Murphy?! I barely got my review in on time. The one that shoulda been done on Friday, but the restaurant kicked my butt and sent me to bed for a few hours. More on that later…


2009 Halloween was AWESOME! I loved my costume:

We spent the holiday at a good friend's house with other friends. J We watched scary movies and handed out candy and ate good food - like BRAINS!!! Yay us!


Friday was just a little insane.

It started with the chiropractor… then onto the transformation into the costume:

Yes, that is hair dye. Yes, it is obscene blonde. I don't care what the package says, it ought to be called "Obscene Blonde." More obscene: my brows didn't take. Whatever… it's a big difference, and I like it. The good thing about $10 hair dye is you don't feel awful if it looks funny; it's not a lot to change it back. Or change it to something different.

The green face is foreshadowing. Shortly after I made myself oh-so-pretty, I took my mom out to review a restaurant. The restaurant and I weren't in agreement on the quality of food… and even less so on price. I'll leave it at that. You can see the review next Thursday in Worcester Magazine.


I did recover enough on Friday (It would have taken outright food poisoning to keep me from going!) to make it to the Northampton special event at the Academy of Music by Genetic Imperfection (aka the Come Again Players) of Repo! The Genetic Opera. Especially awesome: Terrence Zdunich was there and it was a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis - a disease that took a way a good friend of mine last year right about this time.

The event was awesome. See for yourself:


Thursday was a coffee cupping at one of my favorite delis, where I didn't exactly admit to my alternate food-critic personality. No matter, I was writing an article under my own name, so I still got to pick the owner's brain… while eating fabulous pastries from the Pink House and drinking delicious coffee.

Oh… and this deli carries Jamón Serrano!!!! Totally made my night!


Wednesday night I went to Gulu Gulu café with my friend Dan. We had an open mic. It was fun, I read some poetry, but it wasn't quite worth the $ I lost by not working that night… and how bad I felt because the tutoring queue was busy and no one could sub for me.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannndddd… Bad-Ass Faeries 1 & 2 are officially released!!! J Please patronize your favorite writers & editors and buy these nifty, pretty, and new copies!


I'm getting that soreness in the throat that says if I don't go to bed shortly and sleep in more, I will get sick. Goodnight!


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