Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10 Benefits of Broad Universe Membership

As some of you noticed, I took a brief hiatus from blogging. I had a lot of overtime at work… and there was a lot of awesome things happening with Broad Universe! As no one has yet hooked me up with a personal time machine (or a personal David Tennant, but that's a different story…), I had to give things besides the blog priority.

But I'm back! And as it's still Writerly Wednesday, I want to share with you the biggest thing that's helped in my fiction writing career:

Broad Universe

As part of the community, I've made some amazing friends and business contacts, learned a lot, and had a place where I felt celebrated and supported. As an organization, we offer this to any woman writing or publishing in the many speculative genres through our discussion list, the Broadsheet publication, and the community we build online and at conventions. As a member, I'm supporting fellow women through our mission… and getting these benefits:

Spiffy Broad Universe Pins!

Show the world you're proud to be a Broad, unafraid to display your awesome feminine power, willing to help your writing sisters!

Ooh, shiny!

Post to the Broad Universe Discussion List

Anyone can join the discussion list on a read-only basis. That's pretty cool in and of itself because there's open calls, news about signings, releases, contests, and lots of great information about the publishing industry from brick and mortar stores to epublishing. Members get to be in the thick of it: asking questions, adding opinions, sharing news, networking with Broad editor, authors, and professionals.

Bad-ass faeries need my writing and reviews? To the laptop!

Promotion through Advertising

With our 10th Anniversary, one of the things Broad Universe has started doing is advertising. We've taken out ads in Locus,, Realms of Fantasy, and many convention booklets for the organization and to honor member achievements.

Conventions support our writers… we support conventions with ad $ = Win-Win!

Print Catalog Listing

Every year, Broad Universe puts out a New Releases catalog that we send out to convention faring Broads or Broads running local events. This catalog informs hungry readers of available books by members so they can sate their voracious appetite.

So… Many… Booooks… ~drool~

Online Catalog Listing

Broad Universe also offers an online catalog, and as we develop our brand new website, the listings will come up in regular search engines, helping more readers find books by their favorite authors, on their favorite topics, and in their favorite genres.

Gay, angel-ghost pairing… AND steampunk? w00t!

Broad Universe sponsored Local Events

From local libraries and coffee shops to the Library of Congress, members of Broad Universe have been able to meet readers and audiences beyond their genre and with the support of other members as they read, talk, and sign their books.

Enjoy an afternoon of intergalactic travel, dragons, and lattes…

Promotion via our Social Networks

Broad Universe has accounts on Facebook and LiveJournal, as well as an online newsletter dedicated to member happenings. Members can use all of these avenues to promote their work, their achievements, and any events they are running.

I can haz Broad Universe?

Rapid Fire Readings

Hearing an author read can inspire a reader to become a fan. Reading aloud effectively comes with practice… and not everyone is a big enough name to land her own reading (or draw enough of a crowd) by herself. RFRs give writers a chance to practice reading in short bits and among supportive colleagues. Not only that, the more readers, the bigger the audience, the more potential fans for everyone!

It's just 5 minutes. You can wow people in 5 minutes, trust me!

The Broad Pod

Taking the RFR and broadening (take or leave the pun) the audience beyond a physical location at a convention or other venue and into the infinity of the Internet - because, you know, orbiting aliens might be pirating our broadcasts - is the idea of the Broad Pod podcast. Give fiction-hungry listeners a taste of several pieces so they may seek out more.

Wait! They know we're listening?

Book Tables

At conventions where there's enough Broads willing to help, Broad Universe may purchase a dealer's table and cover the taxes - taking no cut of the authors' profits - so that members may have an extra venue to sell their books. Even for members who cannot make it to conventions, many of us will step up and let them mail us books to sell on their behalf.

So, we got your vampires here, your androids there… your dystopic future over here… What's your pleasure? All of them? Great!


In any case, being a member of Broad Universe has become an important part of my writing career, and I was happy to be able to renew this year with an extra donation to help women who want to join but cannot afford.

Please take a minute to find out more about Broad Universe, or share some of your stories about BU or your favorite organization that helped you in the comments!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy: The Magic Word

I actually have a lot of guy friends who are dads, most have at least one little girl.

For them, and in memory of my Dad, here are some of memories of things he taught me:

Everyone should know how to check their oil and change a tire, boy or girl.

My dad explained, "I hated when my father said, 'because I said so,' so I won't do it to you kids." He always gave a reason for all his decisions. Sometimes 100 times over to the minutest details, but damnit, there was a reason!

Same went for stuff we needed to learn. Libraries were regular visits. So was polling Mom's Avon customers and his friends at work for stuff he didn't know. (You new dads are lucky: You have Google!)

"I may not always be right, but I'm never wrong." Just because. Kids get irony better than you think.

"I can be mean, y'know." Also, just 'cuz. Kids also get that sometimes you have to stick to your guns.

If you want something, build it. If you want something that will last 30+ years and impress your son and engineer son-in-law, learn how to build it right.

If you want something done right, learn how to do it right, do it better, and have a kid around who will ask the stupid questions you never thought of.

Also, have lots of books from different publishers on fixing cars. Just because it's in a book doesn't mean its right. (We all know that goes for Internet sources, too.)

Watch TV with your kids. Answer their questions during commercial breaks. Make sure Mom is available for certain questions - often from daughters - and/or back-up.

Let your kids share your excitement about new technology, gadgets, and scientific theories.

Have an agreement with Mom that you will always present a unified front, even if you don't agree on the punishment or crime. (My parents actually told me they did this.)

Openly question the information on TV, in books, or in any media - and encourage conversation about what you question.

Invest in a protective cup while playing with children who either have not yet injured their testicles or do not have testicles. (Just trust me on this one…)

Shin guards are also a good idea.

Teach your kids to respect the back and spine early - for all your health.

If your kid can walk, there's chores s/he can do and be responsible for. Respectful child labor is less work for you and promotes good work ethic.

Make your kids - boys and girls - bait their own hooks in fishing. Being squeamish over wiggling worms is pointless.

Find creative ways to clarify that it's good to ask for help when one needs it but not when one is lazy. Smart kids will test this line with frequency. (I learned reflective questioning at a VERY early age… "Well, what is it specifically that you need help with? What is it you don't know that is keeping you from…?")

Believe with all your heart that you kid really can do anything she or he wants to, and be willing to help learn all the steps to achieve that goal. (In my stint of wanting to be a lawyer, Dad set me up to talk with lawyers and ask them lots of questions. I realized I didn't want to be a lawyer, so we moved onto writing…)

Insist your child have a job as early as possible and set limits of what you are willing to pay for. Having one's own money is deeply empowering and also deeply humbling. My parents allowed me one new outfit each school year, and anything beyond that, I had to pay for myself. Granted, this wasn't "just" a Dad thing, but he was key in making it clear that a girl needs to be independent and self-sufficient - and that I had a right to any job I wanted.

Oh, and never let your girl take any crap from any boy. Let her know she's got the right, power, and responsibility to protect the health and safety of her body, mind, and soul. It was nice to know that if things went beyond my control, my Dad could still kick ass; but it was better to know how to do it - and that I should be able to do it - myself.

What are your favorite Dad memories that made you who you are? Who says Father's Day is only on Sunday?

Thanks Dads all over!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Frankly, Friday, I don't give a damn

There's really not much to report on for food today in my part of the world. I could list you all the food experiences in Myrtle Beach and Madison, but that would just be a list, really, and that's not all that interesting.

And I know enough about voice to realize if I think it's boring, it will come out boring.

I haven't done many reviews.

I haven't tried many new recipes. But my friend Jaleta Clegg has a good one for crock pot meatloaf I may appropriate for a meal next week.

I have a few things that require a little more research before I present, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

I did a Faery Friday last week, and had a wonderful release party that following Sunday. Yay!

And I had been thinking of doing a Feminist Friday post about working with people online and how gender and perceived gender attributes come into play when communicating, tutoring, and working with others. That may be coming in the future - like next week - but I simply haven't the brain power to give it the attention its due today.

I'm still stuck in that vortex of To-Dos that I was talking about on Wednesday.

In going through my email, I have a partial list of stuff that needs a-writing:

For the Broad Pod & Broad Universe:

General write up for the Broad Pod page for the new Broad Universe website.

Some Broad Pod press releases for upcoming epis

Benefits of Broad Universe Membership emails to our list

2011 Broad Pod planning email

Readercon Rapid Fire Reading emails

Dragon*Con Rapid Fire Reading emails

Bay State Equine Rescue Writing:

More sponsorship request emails

Interview questions for existing sponsors

Emails asking for updated adoptee stories

Writing I've Promised Others:

Writer Beware Guest Blog

3 Reviews: a graphic novel + 2 poetry books

List of elemental faeries

Writing for Writing Partnership with Christy:

Newsletter News

Newsletter article on genre

Newsletter serial mini-fic

Alec's speech for current scene we're working on

Writing for PAY:

Review for Worcester Magazine (requires trip out to a certain location today)


Synopsis for Starbard

More on android story

More on kelpie story

'Course, there's still phone calls I have to make, other emails awaiting answer, critiques for my correspondence writing group, and my paid tutoring/training time and several other obligations not listed.

My friend, Kelly A. Harmon, left a good comment & tip about unplugging from the web to get the writing done on my last blog post, which I probably need to do. I'll make my to-do list for the day over breakfast tomorrow… because I know I can't do all that in one day.

So, I suppose my fun alliteration for the day will have to be Frantic Friday. Wish me luck - and I always welcome more organizational tips in comments!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Time Management for Writers Blog

Ok, really, it's a time management for me. In hopes you all will learn to do better per my mistakes and shortfallings.

And maybe be amused at my expense.

But I'm okay with that because I love you.

Or maybe I have just lost it.

The saying goes something like idleness being the Devil's playground. I suppose when you are used to severely looming DEADLINES OF DOOM, having several "little" deadlines, many of which are self-imposed, and few actually having a financial impact, is as close to idle as a writer can get. ('Cos those characters never friggen shut up - at least not for me.)

When you have a lot of little things that are about of equal importance, it's hard to prioritize, and that often leaves me getting next to nothing done besides scheduled hours and other "big" or "regular" projects (like tutoring and this blog). It's a combination of being overwhelmed (I really can't do a lot of these little things in a short time) and of also needing some down time (because between conventions and coming home to several deadlines, a release party, and a new semester schedule, I had a big STRESS time).

I know, rationally, it's not worth feeling guilty over. I also know, rationally, that I can tick some of these little things off if I just apply myself a little more, wake up a little earlier, … could just manage my time a little better.

Ok, maybe it's not so easily rational.

Let me throw this out to you all. What do you do when your energy is low and little projects are creeping up on you like rodent zombies? How do you chip away at the mountains of email and to-dos that aren't on email?

Share your tips!

(What am I doing now? Writing a very short blog post and hoping my readers help me out while I attack those to-dos and emails!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bad-Ass Faeries land in Massachusetts!!


Yesterday, my friend Del held a wonderful Massachusetts release party for the latest Bad-Ass Faeries anthology: In All Their Glory!

Everyone who attended had a wonderful time.

One of the editors and contributors, Lee C. Hillman (who I know as GwendolynGrace), who's become a friend and someone I look forward to seeing whenever I can, also came out to Oxford to help celebrate! She did a reading from her fabulous space fae story that was most excellent.

On top of that, we got to share some time with Jean Walker, author of Your Guide to the Faerie Realm, based on her actual experiences in photographing faeries! I'd actually run into Jean about a year ago and saw some of her first photos at Moonstruck Café while I was writing coffee shop reviews. I hardly find it a coincidence that we've met again and plan on keeping in contact with her.

I opened the festivities with a reading from "Last Gate to Faerie," and was more nervous than usual because this was also the first time my mom would hear me read; she and my aunt had come all the way out to Oxford to see me! After some blurbling and a bit of laughter, I introduced the work and started from the beginning of the story, saying something like I'd be reading the not-as-dark or violent parts. Gwen, who is very familiar with the piece, piped up and asked what was I going to read then?

If you caught the excerpts I posted here, you see she was well founded in her teasing. It's a pretty dark and violent story… with "pretty" being questionable.

In any case, people enjoyed it and bought books!

After Gwen and I did our readings, Jean did a talk on her own faerie adventures, which was really interesting with absolutely amazing photos. It's hard to get the depth of them on the website, so definitely pick up the book or check out one of her talks.

If you're interested in Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory, you can pick it up at Del's store in Oxford, via Amazon, or directly from me. Get your copy today!


Before I sign off, I want to remind you again that I'm still looking for sponsors for the Bay State Equine Rescue Blogathon.

Do you want me to promote you with an interview? Would you like to write your own advertorial guest blog?

Want me to sing your praises all through social media?

I will! All for a 100% tax deductible donation to the Bay State Equine Rescue.

For more details, email me or check out this prior blog post.

You can be as cool as K.S. Augustin and MA Horse, who have already helped! If you like your fiction HOT, you have to check out K.S.'s books. And if you want to be part of one of the best magazines for equine care and the Massachusetts equine culture, check out Massachusetts Horse.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Broad Pod Episode 5: Humorous June

June Broad Pod by Broad Universe  
Download now or listen on posterous
June Episode.mp3 (13546 KB)

Welcome to the June Episode of the Broad Pod!  This month features authors Jody Lynn Nye, Elissa Malcohn, Tracy S. Morris, Jaleta Clegg, and Elaine Isaak.  Enjoy as each Broad brings you a bit of laughter to brighten your day. 

Please, let us know what you think of our podcast.

Posted via email from The Broad Pod posterous

Friday, June 11, 2010

Faery Friday… Bad-Ass Faery Friday!

Tomorrow my good friend Del is hosting the Massachusetts Release Party for the latest Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory! Del's shop is Generations Herbal Apothecary and Gift Shop in Oxford, MA. She hosted the MA Release Party for Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad! It was an awesome time, so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. :)

Soooo, if you're in the area, Generations is at 250 Main Street in Oxford (and just behind it is one of my favorite delis, Isador's, if you want lunch, too!)

To further entice you to come, if you are able, here's another sneak peek at what I'll be reading and what's inside Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All their Glory!


By Trisha Wooldridge & Christy Tohara

Tree remains filled the forest, choked by the "vine that took over the South." It seemed kudzu could survive even nuclear fallout. The vines, albeit mostly yellow, draped over black and white branches like garlands adorning skeletons in a danse macabre.

"There's still life," said Morrow, the dark-eyed, half-troll female who had rescued Nancy when the Crossroads Gate nearly exploded onto her head. "This Gate’s still active."

Nancy nodded, daring to hope. Could she make it back home?

"And I don't think the Black Crosses - or any surviving humans- are comfortable with woods," added Vikar, the black-haired weaponsmaster. He hadn't spoken of his lineage, but Nancy expected he was part Sidhe. Few full-blooded fae had survived the nuclear fallout. And they were trying to avoid most of those who had, anyway. "They still view it as fae territory."

Timo, the punky, purple-haired squirrel spirit who led the small group through the woods, chuffed. "Not so uncomfortable they wouldn't have troops here," he hissed. His words chilled her heart.

The group fell silent. Nancy felt like a tromping bull while her companions glided around fallen trees, branches, and crunchy brown moss. Would she give them away? Feeling a soft touch on her back, she glanced at the petite, pink-haired Dee- a mix of Pixie, Sidhe, and human - who winked and took her hand.

Timo motioned for them to stop, looking at Vikar and Morrow. Dee yanked Nancy to the ground as the other three fired and took cover behind trees.


Dee smooshed her hand against Nancy's mouth, holding a finger up for silence, then motioned for her to follow at a crawl. They took refuge with Vikar behind a maple.

"Timo's down," he muttered, ducking as bullets shook the ground and tree. "Morrow's got him."

"Gods!" Dee breathed.

Nancy bit her lip. In a flash, Vikar was firing again.

"Black Cross," he said, returning to cover and checking ammunition.

Nancy's heart sank. She grabbed Dee's small hands. "Please, I just want to get back to my husband and baby!"

Vikar scowled. "We're almost a quarter mile from the Gate. Morrow needs to get Timo outta here -"

Distant gunfire thundered. In a blink, he was up surveying, then back down.

"And we've got company. Kal's soldiers are already here."

"They didn't open the gate, though?" Dee made a face.

"That's your department, Dee," Vikar said.

"I'm saying he didn't. Asking why."

"Hells if I know, Pixie!" He stood and fired a few more rounds. "We need to move."

"I'll tell Morrow to get Timo out -"

"Morrow needs cover if she's gonna get them both out alive."

"Fine, you cover them. I'll cover Nancy, get her through the gate, and blow it before the Crosses can get missiles here."

"If they even drop -"

"I know." Though she looked like a human 12-year-old, the fierceness in Dee's face made Nancy wince.

Vikar gave the Pixie a look.

Dee leveled magenta eyes at him, grabbed Nancy's hand, and took off. Nancy could hardly fathom their movement, bouncing from tree to tree. In the center of a clearing, one ancient oak still looked healthy, un-poisoned by whatever fallout had drifted over the southern states. Through a hollow split its middle, green-leaved branches sprouted on either side.

Nancy heard screaming plane engines.

Dee turned to Nancy. "I'm sorry, I really am!" She let go of the human and leapt through the forest. Her purple jacket burst into a pair of lavender wings.

"No!" Nancy ran after her.

"Nancy!" Vikar called. Wasn't he off with Morrow and Timo?

She felt herself twist with a sharp pain in her arm. "Let me go!" Nancy recognized the half-troll's black-banded arm embracing her. She also recognized Timo's leather and denim-clad body over Morrow's other shoulder, his blood staining Morrow's fatigues. She whimpered as she watched pink and lavender flit by shattering trunks and leaves.

In front of the gate, another faerie shot down more Black Crosses. He looked entirely Sidhe. Nancy caught her breath, heart twisting as she thought of her husband on the other side of that Gate - her husband she couldn't reach. The Sidhe on this side fired single shots from his rifle. Two men rushed him wearing red shirts with large black crosses sewn upon front and back like a tabard. The Sidhe drew his sword and dispatched them, then changed weapons with ease, firing at others further away. He backed towards the Gate and aimed at Dee. Vikar fired into the Sidhe’s back. He stumbled, but didn't fall, and turned towards them.

"Move it!" Vikar commanded, still shooting. Morrow carried Timo and pulled Nancy away. Squirming, Nancy managed to look back. As if her vision were magnified, she caught the turquoise eyes of the Sidhe who had his gun trained on them. He changed aim and shot down two more Black Crosses. He looked at Nancy though, as if he could see her. She buried her face in the Morrow's shoulder as the Faerie Gate exploded in Dee's signature combination of magic and C4, sealing the two realms from each other indefinitely.


Want more? Pick up Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory or if you're in MA, come to the release party!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Writer's Furry Muse

Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 When we did the Great Broad Blog Out back in April, Jaleta Clegg moved that "all writers of science fiction/fantasy have cats." (Or something to that effect.) In any case, while there are exceptions - like Tracy and her adorable pups - I am among those writers with cats.

And my darling kitty derailed my intended "Importance of Thank You" blog post.

So, I hope to distract you with appropriately adorable kitty pictures.

You see, she's sick. :(

She's got a urinary tract infection, and tomorrow I get to gather the urine in her litter box and take it for tests to make sure there's no crystallization.

I'm really hoping there's not, because the doctor wanted me to start her on a whole new diet today.

While she loved the taste of the new food, it didn't like her, so I* spent a good part of my evening cleaning kitty puke.

I* also spent another good part attempting to give her antibiotics.

Which she puked up.

So, I* attempted to find a harmony in her "Nobody loves me/Leave me the F@$k Alone" sulk… with little success.

In any case, as most writers know, our beloved animals are our muses - but they can also tear us away from our work, leaving us stressed and hardly able to string words together.

So, please send good wishes to Nylis.

And Loki… who, while not immediately sick, is old and says he still needs love and good wishes.

And Jonah - my good friend TokyoWriter's pup - who just passed away today.

Thank you!

*should read "I and Husband-of-Awesome"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wiscon: A lot of Memories, not a lot of Photos

I started going through the pix of Wiscon before writing this post. I think I've mentioned before that I am not a photographer?

I remembered to take out my camera when other people yanked theirs out. And sometimes, I just asked people to email me copies.

I haven't gotten any photo emails yet. -pout-

So, I'll tell you a little more. I AM a writer after all. (There are some photos later on.)

In any case, the Motherboard meeting went really well. We accomplished a lot. I still need to write up the minutes, but that will get done tomorrow. Long story short: I'm wonderfully excited about being part of Broad Universe in what we've done, what we continue to do… and the really fabulous things we WILL be doing!

Thursday night had me meet JJ… who I didn't ask if I could blog about her, so I'll just include her first name. In any case, we were kindred spirits who met in the hall and ended up chatting and hanging out until the wee hours. I owe her a delicious dessert and tea next convention we meet.

And to me, this sort of thing is exactly what I love so much about conventions - and why I take so few pictures. Living the unexpected fantastic. I've made a lot of friends at conventions - and happily lost - lost is a bad word, FOUND hours - in conversation and just "hanging out" with some of the most amazing people who change my life. While I'd never hope some of these meetings were once-in-a-lifetime meetings, some have been, so I let each touch my soul and be part of my person. These moments compose my being.

Since joining Broad Universe, I've found myself missing panels (and I LOVE panels) that I wanted to attend because I am getting to know an amazing woman who's also at the table with me, or someone buying a book, or someone I sort-of recognize in the hall… And I gain so much more in that one conversation.

Wiscon had even more special moments.

I met up with other attendees at the airport, and we kept running into each other at the convention. One of them helped me find my Bad-Ass Faerie 3 novels that had been mis-delivered! Another is someone who I'd only known from livejournal, but who's posts I love - she was even sweeter in person.

All of the panels I attended or was part of were very good to excellent. As I mentioned Friday, the Future of Food was definitely my favorite, but really, all were a lot of fun! Thanks you to some great panelists!

I didn't even mention on Friday about the Rapid Fire Reading, which was also great! We had a good showing, despite my utterly forgetting to bring the chocolate Amy Hanson (one of the Broad Universe Founding Mothers) remembered to pick up for me along with important party supplies for that night. There wasn't a single reading that I didn't enjoy - and it was quite the buffet, too. Humor, horror, action-adventure, self-discovery, poetry, prose, ghosts, rituals and breaking rituals…

If you're at a convention with a Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading, just go. Trust me!

And after the RFR, Kimberly Long-Ewing kindly drove me in her super-sci-fi-fantasy Prius go shopping for party stuff! We hit a Hy-Vee - which is one of those supermarkets where I know I've interviewed someone but had never actually been in yet - and got everything we needed and then some.

Ada Milenkovic-Brown, Phoebe Wray, and Kathryn Sullivan met us back at the room and, with their help, we were ready to party by 8 - and damn - the room looked good and the food was perfect!

Throughout the party, I had a lot more of those magic meeting moments. I ran the "bar" of tea, coffee, beer, sodas and wine. (The wine took an adventure on its own, but F.J. Bergman & her hubby made sure it finally found its way to us - and we were even happier!)

There were between 130-140 attendees at the party, which made the simple hotel bedroom feel HUGE by the time we got around to clean-up with help from Ada and her very cool son who didn't need a chair to help us take streamers down. Several people took our pamphlets, and I hope we inspired more new members - or at least more women in writing overall.

In all, Wiscon was an amazing convention. Yes, I missed many good friends of mine at Balticon, but it was an experience I won't trade away - and I am so looking forward to next year!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Feminism Friday Fun

I know I promised a Wiscon report, but it's almost 5PM and I'm STILL catching up - especially after my Detroit SNAFU.


Every panel I was on or attended was AMAZING and full of wonderful, intelligent conversation and new information for everyone to learn. My favorite panel was the Future of Food, where we discussed everything from nifty molecular gastronomy to sustainable agriculture to smart packaging in produce.

The Broad Universe table was bustling as usual, and I got to pick some brains (not in zombie kinda of way) of comic writers and artists along with some excellent novelists.

And our party was FABULOUS! The De-Con-press seemed to really work and I heard lots of compliments on our tea sandwiches - but especially loved was our chocolate and strawberries. Wine and beer moved well, as did the fresh-brewed tea and coffee.

I have not yet down-loaded pictures, and I will give a more thorough report on Monday where I name some wonderful names of people who made the Party happen.

In the meantime, Mary Robinette Kowal - an author you should be following and who I only caught for a brief elevator chat - posted a great blog about women writers here.

And in that blog, there was a meme - a fine meme, a feminist meme. And here I am posting my version of it:

Bold the women by whom you own books
Italicize those by whom you’ve read something of (short stories count)
*Star those you don’t recognize

Andre Norton
C. L. Moore
Evangeline Walton
Leigh Brackett*
Judith Merril*
Joanna Russ
Margaret St. Clair
Katherine MacLean*
Carol Emshwiller
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Zenna Henderson*
Madeline L’Engle
Angela Carter
Ursula LeGuin
Anne McCaffrey

Diana Wynne Jones
Kit Reed
James Tiptree, Jr.
Rachel Pollack
Jane Yolen
Marta Randall*
Eleanor Arnason
Ellen Asher
Patricia A. McKillip
Suzy McKee Charnas
Lisa Tuttle
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Tanith Lee
Pamela Sargent
Jayge Carr
Vonda McIntyre
Octavia E. Butler
Kate Wilhelm
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Sheila Finch*
Mary Gentle
Jessica Amanda Salmonson*
C. J. Cherryh
Joan D. Vinge
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Ellen Kushner
Ellen Datlow
Nancy Kress

Pat Murphy
Lisa Goldstein
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Mary Turzillo
Connie Willis
Barbara Hambly*
Nancy Holder*
Sheri S. Tepper*
Melissa Scott*
Margaret Atwood
Lois McMaster Bujold
Jeanne Cavelos
Karen Joy Fowler
Leigh Kennedy
Judith Moffett
Rebecca Ore
Emma Bull
Pat Cadigan
Kathyrn Cramer
Laura Mixon
Eileen Gunn
Elizabeth Hand
Kij Johnson*
Delia Sherman
Elizabeth Moon
Michaela Roessner
Terri Windling
Sharon Lee
Sherwood Smith
Katherine Kurtz
Margo Lanagan
Laura Resnick
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Sheila Williams
Farah Mendlesohn
Gwyneth Jones
Ardath Mayhar*
Esther Friesner
Debra Doyle
Nicola Griffith
Amy Thomson*
Martha Wells*
Catherine Asaro
Kate Elliott
Kathleen Ann Goonan*
Shawna McCarthy
Caitlin Kiernan
Maureen McHugh*
Cheryl Morgan
Nisi Shawl
Mary Doria Russell
Kage Baker
Kelly Link
Nancy Springer
J. K. Rowling
Nalo Hopkinson
Ellen Klages
Tanarive Due*
M. Rickert
Theodora Goss
Mary Anne Mohanraj
S. L. Viehl
Jo Walton
Kristine Smith
Deborah Layne*
Cherie Priest
Wen Spencer*
K. J. Bishop
Catherynne M. Valente
Elizabeth Bear
Ekaterina Sedia*
Naomi Novik*
Mary Robinette Kowal
Ann VanderMeer

Marge Piercy

Mary Shelley

Mary Robinette also wrote:

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Manic Yet Writerly… bunch of days…

I'm reminded of my earlier comment about having to figure out automatic posts BEFORE I next travel.

For those of you who follow me on Facebook & Twitter, you may already know I'm stuck in a Comfort Inn in Detroit.

Not in the city mind you… on the outskirts of the Detroit Metro airport… which is not entirely bad. My hotel window looks out over some beautiful farmland and a pretty bush that looks like honeysuckle, but if I were down south, I'd have smelled it through my window, so it's either a non-scented northern version or something else. I scared a poor little chickadee doing lower back and calf stretches by the open window; poor thing doesn't realize the screen is bolted closed.

The smoker before me did and burrowed a tiny hole in the bottom where cigarette ash betrays their peccadillo – if my lungs hadn't already clued me in when they required an extra inhaler puff.

I thought it was just the stress of having my flight cancelled after running through the hellishly long corridors of Detroit Metro.

Regardless, I had intended a rant post about crappy flying, but while I'm still indignant, I'm not furious… and I fully intend to negotiate with Delta about making sure I don't pay double luggage and seeing what they can do for me regarding plane tickets for Dragon*Con. I have been very nice and cooperative – if not pitiful or sweet enough to get a nice pilot to kindly skip to the front of the line for me to obtain some basic info, a hotel voucher, and then walk me to the shuttle area in said hellishly long airport. There were very, very many families who were absolutely hysterical because they had to get home to children and sitters. One woman who got word of a death on her cell phone right beside me. And two other families who had separated from children on the connecting flight and now the children (not little, but around their teens) were "home" and they were not.

So, I gird myself for calm negotiating now because I do have a Husband-of-Awesome who is picking me up at midnight on a work night… who I really hope I can get a free or steeply discounted flight for over Labor Day weekend. And no kids.

(To those of you who ask me why I don't have kids yet, see above comments.)

The cause for this disaster? Heavy thunderstorms and torrential downpour & flash flooding at the airports in Detroit and Chicago.

How am I also turning this Writerly post (because, it ought to be pretty evidently manic)?

If you're flying to conferences or conventions…

Don't use those cutesy carry-ons that look like mini suitcases. They are the first to get put below when you have an overstuffed flight where everyone uses them as their two carry on items. Get yourself a small duffle or high-school sized backpack (No, not one of those fancy hiking packs!)

And then pack your netbook (or laptop, though I strongly suggest you get a durable netbook or something of similar small size) in it's protective skin, surrounded by one spare set of clothes, underwear, extra socks, and pajamas, along with all your charging wires (for cell and computer), your important jewelry, and paperwork and/or reading material.

Ladies (and open minded men) you can also carry a small purse (or a small laptop bag that may function as a purse).

The back-pack or duffle should be squishy enough to go below the seat in front of you along with said purse or laptop bag because those stupid carry-ons DO NOT. And if you can get it under the seat in front of you, you won't lose it!

Things that I will now ensure to take in my carry on? Toothbrush, toothpaste. The hotel ran out of it.

I did have baby wipes though (long story, but I keep them in my purse). They make a great facial cleanser in a pinch. I also have a tiny handcream and moisturizing hand sanitizer in my purse. The hand sanitizer also makes a decent facial moisturizer while traveling because stress makes me much more likely to break out – and that is the best anti-zit treatment besides straight-up triple-antibiotic gel to destroy threatening or existing zits.

Looking ahead, and assuming I _survive_ (cue melodramatic music and hand stapled to forehead gestures) the trip back home, Foodie Friday will be usurped by Feminist Friday where I'll disclose my Wiscon adventures… and the Friday after that will resume Foodie-ness because there's lots of fun food to talk about from this trip.

In the mean time, grab a copy of Massachusetts Horse magazine or buy a book from K.S. Augustin and help the awesome horses that I'm missing at the Bay State Equine Rescue.

Also – happy thoughts for making it home tonight are much appreciated!!

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