Friday, June 18, 2010

Frankly, Friday, I don't give a damn

There's really not much to report on for food today in my part of the world. I could list you all the food experiences in Myrtle Beach and Madison, but that would just be a list, really, and that's not all that interesting.

And I know enough about voice to realize if I think it's boring, it will come out boring.

I haven't done many reviews.

I haven't tried many new recipes. But my friend Jaleta Clegg has a good one for crock pot meatloaf I may appropriate for a meal next week.

I have a few things that require a little more research before I present, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

I did a Faery Friday last week, and had a wonderful release party that following Sunday. Yay!

And I had been thinking of doing a Feminist Friday post about working with people online and how gender and perceived gender attributes come into play when communicating, tutoring, and working with others. That may be coming in the future - like next week - but I simply haven't the brain power to give it the attention its due today.

I'm still stuck in that vortex of To-Dos that I was talking about on Wednesday.

In going through my email, I have a partial list of stuff that needs a-writing:

For the Broad Pod & Broad Universe:

General write up for the Broad Pod page for the new Broad Universe website.

Some Broad Pod press releases for upcoming epis

Benefits of Broad Universe Membership emails to our list

2011 Broad Pod planning email

Readercon Rapid Fire Reading emails

Dragon*Con Rapid Fire Reading emails

Bay State Equine Rescue Writing:

More sponsorship request emails

Interview questions for existing sponsors

Emails asking for updated adoptee stories

Writing I've Promised Others:

Writer Beware Guest Blog

3 Reviews: a graphic novel + 2 poetry books

List of elemental faeries

Writing for Writing Partnership with Christy:

Newsletter News

Newsletter article on genre

Newsletter serial mini-fic

Alec's speech for current scene we're working on

Writing for PAY:

Review for Worcester Magazine (requires trip out to a certain location today)


Synopsis for Starbard

More on android story

More on kelpie story

'Course, there's still phone calls I have to make, other emails awaiting answer, critiques for my correspondence writing group, and my paid tutoring/training time and several other obligations not listed.

My friend, Kelly A. Harmon, left a good comment & tip about unplugging from the web to get the writing done on my last blog post, which I probably need to do. I'll make my to-do list for the day over breakfast tomorrow… because I know I can't do all that in one day.

So, I suppose my fun alliteration for the day will have to be Frantic Friday. Wish me luck - and I always welcome more organizational tips in comments!!


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