Friday, September 24, 2010

Fill-in-the-F Friday

Like my friend Teresa Jusino, I am rather fond of alliteration, so feel free to F-up my Friday… just, in a positive way 'cos I'm in a good mood.

Oh, ok, yes I know that F can also be positive.  But I do try to keep my blog around PG-13.  It's easier that way, and I'm lazy.

And generally polite.

So, some F is for Food…

I'm at Sturbridge Coffee House right now.  It's my 2nd favorite/most visited coffee shop in the area.  (The first is still Sturbridge Coffee Roasters – which started in Sturbridge and moved to Southbridge.  How's that for confusing!)  The SCH beans are Red Barn, which is a decent brand, but the barristas work some potent magic – especially with the crème brulee lattes.  The food is also good, though some is shipped in.  But the soups are homemade and excellent.  The best thing about this coffee shop is the atmosphere and its positive interaction with the community.  I've gotten a lot of great writing done here. 

And I love their southwestern veggie pattie breakfast sandwiches with crème brulee latte (iced or hot.)

Some F is for Friends (and Food)…

The reason I'm at the SCH instead of the SCR is twofold.  One is that John, Billy and their pup Audrey are over in P-town fundraising for a dog rescue.  (Yay!)  The other is that I'm also off to visit the CT crew down at ArTraxx Studios.  I get a lot of writing done down there, too, and the reason for that is because all of them are great inspiration.  I love all the glass works and Stef's paintings and just the energy that permeates the shops and studios.

On top of these friends, yesterday I met, in person, a wonderful member of my correspondence writing group.  A lovely young woman of 75 years old who continues to live a life of adventure and then writes the most charming narratives about her adventures.  Thanks to meeting with her for a three-hour lunch that just flew by, I have my inspiration for my essay for C. Hope Clark's annual essay contest.  It needs a little bit of rumination, and I'll sit down and bang it out.

Some F is for farrier…

… which, if you don't know, that's what you call the person who trims a horse's hooves.  Word, obviously, doesn't know it, and despite writing horse articles for years, I haven't gotten around to adding it to my dictionary.
            In any case, the farrier is coming tomorrow for Calico's hooves, and then I might have a lesson with Sue's trainer… or Sue and I will just hang out with horses.

Some F is for Fall…

Just 'cos.  It's pretty out side, and I get to wear some of my super-comfy long sleeved shirts, corduroys, and jeans,  and there are apples, pumpkins, squash, baking, etc.

Some F is for Freaking Crazy…

Because I still have a ton of stuff to do.  Yet, I need to get some of this fiction out or I won't be able to focus on other stuff.

F is for Fun!

Because I'm still in that kind of mood despite the stress, cramps, lack of sleep, and other such things.

Happy Friday!


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