Thursday, September 23, 2010

Writerly Bits & Ends

Chaos reigns!

Yay chaos?  Can I get some reins for it?

In any case, I'm exhausted and this blog is obviously later than late.

What's going on?  Funny you should ask!  'Cos thatsa what Ima gonna list right now.


My good friend Aimee, the Tokyo Writer, has some fabulous news that is tentative in it's concrete-ness… at least by American standards.  In any case, we are doing some hopeful, yet mysterious celebration.  Check out her blog for a few more hints!



Here's a cute pic of my friend Renee riding.  Calico's not keen on actually walking forward with people on her back, so we all needed a little help in making her move.


I am still crazily working on the revamped Broad Universe page (Link is to the current/old one).  As I have been allowed to appoint myself both the Readings and Events chick, I kinda took over all of the Events and Events-related sections (which include readings).  Will I ever learn to stop taking on more work?  Probably not, but damnit if it we aren't gonna have a sweet new website with a kick-ass Events section!


I owe an interview email to Shaenon K. Garrity for the Broad Sheet, but I'm behind.  I love her comic, though, so go check it out.

I also owe an interview with Voltaire to Worcester Magazine, but he is insanely busier than I am.  And I need to hear my editor about time & length.  -poke poke … in case said editor reads my blog.  <3 U! -


Still getting through Kelpie.  Had a great review with new in-person writer's group.  Which reminds me I owe some DragonWriters some crits - eep!

But, Kelpie is moving slowly as I have a gap of how I get from where I am to another part, and then from that part to the end.  In other words, neither my protag nor I have any clue exactly how we will fix this kelpie issue… just that the ending requires said kelpie issue fixed/removed.

Yeah… not exactly writer's block, but definitely writer's spinning gears.  I will likely end up writing lots of useless crap until I figure it out… and believe me, useless crap is flowing.  Advanced apologies to pre-readers.


Some MAJOR updates over at the Bad-Ass Faeries website. A few more artist pages are up, the complete set of freebie wallpaper is live, and all existing  author pages have live excerpt links. Check it out!


I keep meaning to do a link plop of people who's blogs you should be reading… but I am a terrible friend who is too exhausted to actually look up the urls for the blogs that remind me to read them via email (or diligent friends in chats, on FB, or Twitter.)

I still love you gals & guys!




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