Thursday, September 9, 2010

Post DragonCon Delirium

Warning: More Scattered than Usual Blog post!


DRAGON*CON!!  I'm Back!! 

Points of fabulosity:



Both BEYOND BINARIES panels.  Great panelists, great audience… great ideas to make it even better for next year!

(The Beyond Binaries panels were done with my friend Sunder Cameron Addams and explored SF&F beyond male/female gender/sexuality.  'Cos, you know, it's SF&F… aliens and other fantastic beings.  Why do we get so stuck with traditionally gendered pairings and sex?)

Also, after Beyond Binaries 101, Jim Butcher flew up about a million more points in my opinion as he stayed until wellll after the panel to sign things for fans, chat, and have pictures taken.  Yay Jim Butcher!

Beyond Binaries 201 also had a full room and talked about sex - whee!

Sunder moderated the WHAT WOMEN WANT panel, which also flew by and was a ton of fun.  It was basically about what women want to see in SF/F writing/reading/etc. - with a lot of wonderful discussion. Thanks, Sunder!

In the Alternate History Track, Emilie Bush moderated a most fun STEAM QUEENS AND CLOCKWORK HOOKERS panel discussing feminism and women in Steampunk genre.  We had a ton of fun there, with a lot of great audience questions and conversations.  Thanks, Emilie!

We had not one but two RAPID FIRE READINGS for Broad UniverseCindy Macleod invited us to revisit BROADS THRU TIME for alternate history, where I read one piece of "Last Gate to Faerie" from the latest Bad-Ass Faeries anthology: In All Their Glory.  I read another section for the BROAD UNIVERSE RAPID FIRE READING in the Literary track run by Sue Phillips.  Both readings had nice audiences and, as always, I enjoyed hearing my sister Broads read!

Very special thanks to Cindy and Sue for inviting us back in 2010!  We're looking forward to 2011.


Another bit of Dragon*Con Awesomeness:

Weird Tales editor Stephen Segal started a new poetry slam/performance panel on the Lit Track (Even more Props to Sue!).  On the panel he included Cherie Priest and...

*drum roll*


I can't imagine many more things that get a "ZOMGsqueeee!" than that.

Scott was in the audience, thankfully, or I mighta just chickened out.

I didn't.

I took my place among the readers, pulled out my cute little chapbook, and read all of "The Unicorn & the Old Woman" to the audience and panel.

Not to sound proud, but I really think that was the best performance I've ever given of that poem.

At the end, and again at the end of the whole panel, I got many compliments, sold copies of the chap book… and more specifically, Rogue said he liked it!!!*

In case you didn't know or couldn't tell by context, Rogue is the writer/head man for my number-one-favorite-ever band, the Crüxshadows.  Were it not for the Crüxshadows, I would not have found out or attended my first ever Dragon*Con in 2002.  The lyrics are the most powerful and personally moving to me than any other band in my collection.

The fact I read MY poem in front of Rogue?  And the fact he complimented me on it?!

Forget Cloud 9… I was on Cloud 11.  (Take that Spinal Tap!)  And still am.

*Reality check:  Yes, Rogue was exceptionally kind and supportive to everyone, not just me.  BUT the Husband-of-Awesome, who WILL tell me if that dress makes me look fat, said that the panel was watching me attentively, including Rogue, and he doesn't lie.  :)


That's all I can fit now… but that's not "All."  Stay tuned for Faery Friday and more great news!

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