Monday, September 13, 2010

The Second New Year

Yes, I have my big ritual for the New Year most of the world celebrates on January 1st, but September is often its own New Year to kick-start our productivity.

School starts right before or in September.

A new television season starts in September.

The air is getting cooler and there's a bustle of preparation for winter.

Fall Harvest is traditionally a major time of change and preparation.

For me, Dragon*Con now also kicks off September.  Whenever I get together with the DragonWriters, meet so many people who are mentors or inspirations for me - and interact with them, attend so many workshops and panels on writing and literature… I just can't help but feel inspired!

                                          (Trish; JIM BUTCHER; Husband-of-Awesome Scott)

Since Dragon*Con:

I redid my 1-page synopsis for Starbard
Wrote almost 4000 words on Kelpie
Banged out a poem inspired by my friend Stef's painting, "Eagle Dance"
Went through a big change with Aurelio that I will deal with in January
Recovered enough from certain injuries where I could go and play with Calico
Started a new semester with Smarthinking
Am planning for another big editing project
Am redesigning 2 different websites
Finished editing "Cemetery Angels"
Set up a publicity interview for a friend
Caught up on all my correspondence critiques
Published a new Broad Pod
Cleaned my desk… again

All in less than a week!

Ok, so maybe I only got one and a half loads of laundry done… and Scott cooked most of the meals… minus the take out a couple times… but I did dishes!

What I'm planning to do starting Monday/today:

Finish my Broad Universe web editing
SUBMIT Starbard
SUBMIT some short stories, including "Cemetery Angels"
Get cracking on 2011 Broad Pod… for TWO episodes per month - stay tuned!
New semester Smarthinking Work
Possibly start on the NEW BAF4 short story

And throughout the week:

New editing project
SPC meeting on Tuesday
MORE writing on Kelpie
FINALLY get my email back to < 100 in the inbox

And… um… more than I feel like typing right now because, welllll… look what the heck I've got planned!

(Check out the super-fab art from Christy's H-of-A for BAF3's "Last Gate to Faerie"!)


Jaleta Clegg said...

Wow. You've got ambition! I wish I could keep up with all my ambitions. Cons are great for re-energizing us and getting us going again.

Good luck on everything, Trish!

Trisha Wooldridge said...

Thanks, Jaleta! :) Lots to do, but all stuff I love. Good luck on your projects, too!

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