Monday, August 30, 2010

Horseyhorseyhorsey Horse! .. oh, & some other stuff.

As I mentioned last blog post:  Horse!
Calico moved in on Saturday in a wonderfully uneventful afternoon, after which followed an uneventful 24 hours where she was already part of the herd of Sue's horses - to the extent they were calling for her when I took her in for her 1 hour "spa" session Sunday evening.

In any case, it is a huge life change for me and has totally been the central focus of my mind… to the extent that I somewhat fell behind on other work.

But!  That will change. :)  For the better.

As I mentioned last blog, I was most productive when I regularly had horses in my life.



And on Thursday I fly off to DRAGON*CON!

Here's my schedule, so feel free to stalk me:

Friday, 4 pm, Westin International C,
Broad Universe Rapid Fire Readings: Broads Thru Time!
(Alternate History Track)

Saturday 11:30 am, Hyatt, Greenbriar*
Broad Universe Reading!
(Literature Track)

Saturday, 1 pm, Westin International C,*
Steam Queens and Clockwork Hookers: Women in Steampunk
(Alternate History Track)

Saturday 10 pm, Hyatt, Hanover C-E
Beyond Binaries 101
(I'm moderating this panel and Jim Butcher is on it!!! Squee!)

Sunday 11:30, Hyatt, Greenbriar
 What Women Want

Sunday 10 pm, Hyatt, Fairlee
Beyond Binaries 201

*There is an overlap on these two panels as the Lit reading is 2.5 hours (Yay Broads!)  However, my friend, Sunder, will be hosting the event, so I will be able to make it to both.  So… I send my equal pleading and promo to either event.  Hear awesome Broads!  Talk awesome Steampunk!  Clone yourself and attend both (and share the technology with me!)


Due to the insanity of the past few weeks, I'm still at over 150 emails in my inbox that require some sort of attention.  It's better than 200.  If you are awaiting a response from me, a thousand times "I'm sorry."  I WILL get to you… and I WILL get back to scheduling readings for 2010 and into 2011… and I WILL return to the Broad Pod for 2010 and 2011.

The Chris & Trish Newsletter… may end up being relaunched in January.  ;)  Once Chris has settled in with her new baby… and I've settled in with my new horse (read as: "baby.")

Also, I am SO not even going to try and post blogs during Dragon*Con.  I'm just not.  And I haven't figured out how to schedule posts… (read as: haven't even looked at how to schedule posts).  I'll post again for Wednesday, Sept. 1… and then I'll be gone till Wednesday, Sept. 8th.

& that's all for now!! :)


_Decode_ said...

Congrats on your new baby, Trish! Enjoy DragonCon, and I look forward to hearing from you again soon, dear!!

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