Friday, January 21, 2011

Fantasy Friday I (because I'm sure there will be more)

After a horrific drive to my chiropractor appointment during Snopacalypse 3 of the past 2 weeks, I decided to wait for the state of Massachusetts to get its Commonwealth butt in gear to actually plow and sand the roads.  So, I pulled into Sturbridge Coffee House and wrote another scene and a half of Kelpie over breakfast and coffee.  When the sun came out, I noticed the lamppost and path through the woods directly in front of my car.

Which is where I wish I could tell you was where I lost all my time.

Alas, no.  It was work.  And snow removal (note how short the lamppost looks.  Yeah, snow.).  And a minor diversion into Volume Two of Skin-Horse, which I bought at Arisia.

And a conference call about a cool new editing/educating opportunity.

And calls for the dried fruit & nut article I'm working on.

That is why my blog is posting at, like, 11PM at night.

But it's here!

And it will be short(ish).  Because I still have sh*t to do!

Some briefs:

Great write-up of Arisia here, which specifically mentions the wonderfully well-run "Take Back the Sci-Fi" panel.

Every other panel was also a great time.  As I mentioned on my schedule, I had some amazing panelists behind the tables with me.  I was on 10 panels… and I'm so not ready to recap them all.  The Broad Universe reading went well, and our party was fantastic… full almost all night with lots of compliments on the food. :)  (I put together tea party like snacks: mini sandwiches (salmon mousse, cucumber, pomegranate sweet pepper), prosciutto-wrapped figs with goat cheese, prosciutto-wrapped melon, Danielle's fabulous hummus (with people coming back just for that!) … and yeah, Yay Broad Universe Party!

Also, Whee-Yay-Squee for the Pi-Con party which was happening right across the hall from the Broad Universe party. 

And now that the website says it, I can "Officially" announce that I am the Guest of Awesome at Pi-Con this year!  Wooooooooooo!!!  It's true!  The Interwebz provez it!  You will here more of me saying why else you need to come to the convention - trust me!

(Here's me at the Pi-Con party with Nchanter and Mike who does programming! - Thanks Justine for the camera, and Scott for taking the pic!)

Also, special thanks to Danielle, Roxanne, Justine Graykin, Kate Kaynak, and Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert for helping me out with both the party and covering table hours when everyone in Broad Universe was otherwise engaged. 

You are all made of WIN!!

And now, I must return to work!

Happy weekend. :)


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