Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pretty Snow Pictures

… because I'm still getting my sh*t together after Arisia.

Which, I have to say, was a fabulous convention - as I've always found it.  I was on an excellent choice of panels with brilliant panelists; the Broad Universe party was hopping; and I had some really fun roommates to pass the precious down time with!

And then I came home to 200+ new emails in my inbox, a text from my editor who did not receive the review I sent on Thursday, a sink of dishes (because I was running late in food prep the day we left) and five loads of laundry (because that's normal after a convention.)

Oh.  And a snowstorm.

So, here's adorable pictures of Calico and Nylis from the LAST blizzard that hit just before we left for Arisia.

We'll return to our regularly scheduled blog on Friday!

Dis here snow? It sux and gotta go.  Nao. kthxbai!
Can you stop taking pictures, Kim, and DO SOMETHING about this?
The Husband-of-Awesome wants to share the snowday fun with Nylis! Let's see what happens.
Face scratching must be attended to, no matter how deep the snow.

I hate you! I hate snow! I will destroy you all!
Knee deep in snow, I am STILL beautiful!

PS - Thank you Kim at Hillview Farm & Stables for the pictures of Calico!


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