Monday, January 17, 2011

January Broad Pod: Faith and Fear

Bupodcast1 - 11Rev by Mel Graykin  
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Welcome to the BroadPod.  This month is hosted by Justine Graykin, freelance philosopher and science fiction author, among other things.  In this offering for January 2011, we bring you tales of Faith and Fear.  Readers Larissa Niec, Kim Vandervort, Kathryn Hinds, Rin Kintujo, and Phoebe Wray, question hallowed beliefs and probe the depths of anxiety, from the mythic to the medical.  Hold onto your amulet!

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The BroadPod is brought to you by Broad Universe, an international, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, celebrating, and honoring women who write science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

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