Monday, February 7, 2011

A Very Late "Bits and Ends"

We're a week into February, and I'm feeling the crazy-busy of the month big time.  So much that I was up so late last night that I didn't have time to blog.  (And then, promptly, overslept… bring on the Vitamin D and Sunshine!)

So, in a semi-chaotic, Manic Monday form, here's some stuff I'm doing that I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, February 11th, 12-3PM

2 River Road, Stafford Springs, CT.

Because Renée and Sean are close friends, their store gets my very special reading rates:

$10 - individual
$15 - couple

Each reading is about 15 minutes long, possibly 20 for a couple.

Please come out.  If you've never seen the Tarot Reader side of me, I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised.  Thanks!


Sunday, February 12th

Romance Broad Pod!!

Five Awesome Broads share snippets of romance fiction from their novels in the Broad Universe sponsored podcast based on our popular Rapid Fire Reading events at science fiction/fantasy conventions.  Now you can enjoy the fun from the comfort of your mp3 player every month.


Sunday, February 27

Broadly Speaking: Writing Romance hosted by Rae Lori

I can't tell you how excited I am about this second Broad Universe podcast!  We're interviewing authors based on the topics of the Broad Pod, and it's a whole lot of fun - and educational, too!  We talk about writing technique, research, craft, marketing… whatever we can in our 30 minutes.  Please, tune into this second episode!


Besides those public things:

I'm meeting with my writer's group tomorrow, which is always fun and wonderfully inspiring for me.

I've got three more article deadlines for the month.

I've got a fabulous new project I'm starting this month that I signed an NDA on.  ;)  (So, I can't tell ya' 'bout it!)

I need to get back to Conbust (in the next few days) with the details about my Tarot and Writing workshop!  (So, go to Conbust!  Register now!)

I need to catch up on my fiction submissions (1 submission all year, alas!)

There's 200 emails just sitting in my inbox, most needing pretty quick action.

I have the first set of Spot-Checks and reviews due for my tutoring team.

Oh, and I actually want to spend some time with my horse, cat, rabbit, and husband… y'know?  Selfish stuff like that.

So, that's why my Manic Monday blog is so flipping late.  And why there's a bunch of you still waiting for responses from me… for which I apologize very much!  I'm continuing to work - promise!


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