Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall: A Time for New Beginnings

A long time ago (about 12 years)…

In a journal far, far away (ok, really just on my left-hand bookshelf)...

I opened with an entry about how fall, despite being a time for death before winter, is really a time of beginnings. School starts in fall - and I was just the geek who enjoyed the start of classes. Most of the good programming seasons started in the fall. (Bones, Fringe, & House are back! Buffy & Angel always started in the fall… )

I still get a rush to start new stuff in the fall.

This whole to-do list and organization push is still going on. I've already got my list for tomorrow - though I'm still a little behind on some Friday stuff. We also just had our Broad Universe Motherboard meeting last Sunday, and I'm pumped with our new projects for our 10th Anniversary. On top of that, since I've been going to Dragon*Con regularly, it's like a jump-start to my writing. Especially when I get to see all these awesome faces again:

Hooray DragonWriters 2002!

And these fabulous people:

Eternal roommate Sunder Addams and the DragonWriters teacher, the inimitable Ann Crispin!

I will get more Dragon*Con stuff up soon. Promise. J Scott just downloaded them all to my computer tonight.

Also, more wonderful news - as the wicked-wonderful Danielle reminded me - Bad-Ass Faeries 1 & 2 are being re-released by Mundania Press. BAF2 even has this gorgeous new cover:

Not only that, Mundania is also releasing a special hardcover edition that has been personally signed by ALL the authors! These editions are numbered and lettered and in a VERY limited quantity. Keep watching for how you can get one of these!

Fall has always been my favorite month… good things happen in the fall. In New England, the vegetation dies in a gorgeous flame of color crossing the area - like the phoenix flaming up before the white ash if winter and being reborn in the spring…

Autumn is also harvest time: apples, pumpkins, squash, cranberries… delicious!

I hope to keep this wonderful fall momentum going for as long as possible.

Is your autumn a sign for new beginning? How can you make it something beautiful and new?


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