Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time Management I

About 2 newsletters ago (or what should have been 4 newsletters ago), Christy gave some time management tips - one of them a tip I make all sorts of attempts to follow & that my mother has always found successful: Making a List.

Making a List worked when I was trying to fill lots of free time between when I quit my office job and was going back to college. It was great!

After graduating college and trying to juggle between 3-8 paying clients, plus my own work, plus my co-authoring with Christy every week… Making a List: not so successful.

I'm down 1-2 paying clients and I'm pretty well done with conventions for this year unless someone can offer me a mostly-all-expense-paid trip to World Fantasy… or Albacon or Philcon.

Making a List seems to work. I've had to move a few items to other days, but I'm accomplishing most of the tasks.

Is there a cap to the efficiency in Making a List? Is there a cap to my own efficiency, perhaps?

What is going to happen when I grab another paying client? I just got accepted at one freelance place, and Sunder is trying to hook me up with a steady editing gig.

I suppose I'll make the most of it now. J

Tomorrow is my busy day and exercise starts with Yoga, so I doubt I'll get any additional cleaning done (Yay 1/2 a desk & 1/4 a bedroom!) - as I've been making my cleaning do double duty as exercise. (Yay knowing isotonic muscle resistance while bending & lifting - gack do my abs hurt!)

2 things left undone on my list today… one is advance blog posts. Let's move that to… Thursday.

And read & comment on Christy's synopsis of our new novel together.

Well, it's read…

That's something right?

Onto Wednesday's list… which may as well be a page from House of Blue Leaves with margin notes, footnotes, track changes, and hyperlinks…

Can I keep up this organization thingy??? Place your bets here!


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