Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Writer's Spouse

Today is my Ninth Wedding Anniversary!

I've referred to Scott as my Husband-of-Awesome, and he really is.

Many writer's I know have a spouse or significant other in their life. When we do get together, our spouses trade war stories.

"Has she ever held a full conversation with you while typing and then forgotten every word of it?"

"Oh, God! Tell me about it. There was this one time…"

Honestly, writer's spouses deserve a lot of credit and respect. Many times Scott has been picked up the slack on housework, cooking, cleaning, and so on when I am on deadline - or overtaken by one of my fiction problems. He put up with several weekend-long Skype sessions with me and Christy while we edited Yesterday's Shadows - bringing me food and honeyed tea to preserve my voice. When I've had my 24-hour blogathons for theBay State Equine Rescue, he's waited on me hand and foot. I take off for conventions and events several weekends a year. Sometimes he does his own thing with the guys - and sometimes I come home to a wonderful surprise of a house project being finished.

He does come to Dragon*Con with me. Here we are this year:

On top of all that, when I've had a slow income year, he's still been supportive. We are very fortunate & blessed that he has a steady, well-paying job. And if he weren't so wonderful a person, he could hold that over my head - but he doesn't. He's always pushed me to be the best person I can be and to discover more things I'm good at (and good at making money at).

This year, with the company that has owed me significant pay and cut my jobs opposed to the biggest convention/travel spending year I've ever had, it has been difficult. But he always believes in what I'm doing - even when he's acting as a rational sounding board and asking hard questions and giving no-nonsense and honest answers.

If you are a writer and have a significant other, make sure you let them know they are appreciated. They are special people indeed to put up with our eccentricities (because face it, what writer ISN'T eccentric - on a good day).

I really do have the Husband-of-Awesome, and I sympathize with all you other writers out there that he's not yours.


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