Friday, September 11, 2009

You expect me to forget?

I like Danielle's poems better, but here's my response to today:

I remember the day, the fall.
Went to work, normal day as any.
Falling debris, people—I remember.
Secure, safe, cubicle blankets
made us think it a hoax, unreal.
I remember my stomach diving, launching.
Left our seats to stare
at big screen TVs.
High definition destruction, death, deception.
Burning hell and suicide—I remember.
Call Mom. Yes, I'm fine.
Oh—you haven't heard? Turn on the news!
I remember forcing dulled detachment.
Back to work, regardless.
Attend the phones and investors' panic.
Refresh the news screens with OCD mouse clicks.
Living minute-to-minute body count updates—I remember.
Didn’t matter the miles,
the country, the world were at the falling towers.
I remember standing and crying beside them.
Perfect strangers, I prayed for them all like family.
Of course I remember.


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