Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tip of the Avalanche

I attended a great luncheon put on by the Society of Professional Communicators in Worcester. In fact, one of my bosses, Scott Zoback, news editor for Worcester Magazine, was presenting - on blogging of all things.

One of the popular parts of Worcester Magazine is their blog, Worcesteria.

It was a good lecture with a lot of fun networking. J

On the flip side, I'd just gotten back from Dragon*Con the night before. I got to hang out with the awesome guest of honor, Lois McMaster Bujold, give and attend many more panels and readings (and parties).

One lesson I picked up from both: if you're going to blog, you must do it regularly.

I've fallen off and gotten back on this horse again, restating the Horsemanship for Women lesson I learned from Karen Scholl - you get do-overs.

And so, my passions - writing, editing, horses, education - intersect yet again as I declare that I will give better blog posts on Pi-Con (two weeks ago), Mary Shelley's Birthday (a week & a half ago), Dragon*Con, (this past weekend), the SPC, and a few other plans I have in mind.

Meantime - Aimee has challenged me to finish & post this blog post before 3:AM so I can catch up on sleep after a short story attack yesterday and a "lets get my submission stuff in order" attack tonight.

Until… tomorrow?



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