Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And Even More Bits & Ends

And Even More Bits & Ends

On Technology

I totally thought my Blogger blog was what was getting posted to Facebook.  In general, the Blogger version is a better overall blog because it does more and gives me less trouble.  I can load photos more easily, I can caption said photos, and it doesn't inundate me with ridiculous advertisements whenever I want to do something.  If you read me at novelfriend.blogspot.com, you often get a better blog that looks nicer.

So, when I couldn't get a cute Nylis picture to load on my Live Journal, I didn't think twice.  In fact, for the past week as LJ was just not working at all and freezing, I didn't care.  Then I got comments on my little [imagine cute cat photo here] or something quippy that I wrote on the LJ from my Facebook feed (because those come to me via email).


So, I got some suggestions.  The biggest one was for the NetworkedBlogs app… but my ability to fake technology know-how has failed.  I went through all the links on that and couldn't find how to just make my Blogger blog be automatically sent to Facebook (and, hopefully, LJ for that matter, so I don't have to double post all the time.)

Of course, I've been meaning to do something with the Wordpress account I opened about two years ago, but my fake-techno-superpower fails me there, too… and I don't have hours to kill. 

Hell, I haven't even written up the copy my web mistress needs to update my website, which we worked on over a month ago.

Add to that: I lost my charger for my netbook at Readercon and the hotel cannot find it… and you have my great levels of Technology FAIL!!!

On Animals

Loki is still kicking… pretty well, too, despite the heat.  He gets frozen water bottles twice a day and a fan on him constantly, so he actually has a better cooling system in his little hutch than we do in our overall house where the only AC unit is in the bedroom… and if that dies, we're SOL because it's built into the wall. (And it's getting testy.)

We're dealing with sunburns on Nylis' ears.  The vet recommended we make sure to put Bullfrog brand sunscreen on her ears before she goes out, which we're doing.  It's helping, but she's scratching the existing burns, so the vet said to put cortisone on those.  They are slowly getting better.  We're trying to avoid any need for a Cone of Shame… the local squirrels and birds laugh at her enough and are entirely unimpressed by her abilities to occasionally catch (and even less frequently kill) a slow mole or mostly-domestic mouse or an obese chipmunk or a seriously stupid baby bunny.

Calico is doing great.  She's gotten a lot peppier during lessons and has a CLEAR preference for the outside--if only there weren't any aggravating bugs.  We're in the process of discovering that we can bend (purposeful "we;" I'm not exactly the most athletic person, either.)

No, I don't have any new photos.  I'm too busy having fun.

On Writing

I was supposed to start in on the critiques for UnCONventional, but I lost my day.  I don't know where it went, but it ran away… likely in the Thunderstorms.  So did any writing except for this blog, which is being posted after midnight… after the day has already run away and it's technically the next day and my blog is late.

Oh, and I still have hours to work… so, this is my writing.

Happy Manic Mon… er… Teriffic Tuesday.


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