Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wednesday Writer Wrists

My wrists hurt. 

I was up and on the computer by 11:30AM.
I slayed* some email.
I took a break from typing to make calls.
I slayed more email.
I took a break to do some dishes and put chicken and green chiles into the crock pot for tacos.
More email slayage.
Conference call with new Readings & Events Coordinator & Assistant.
More email slayage.
Break to put away laundry, wash the cat water fountain, feed cat.
Write agendas for Motherboard meeting and Open Meeting for Broad Universe--and anyone interested.  Save the date! August 14th starting at 7PM Eastern time!
Break to check on taco stuff.
Properly filed into the new file cabinet some of the collected paperwork (dating back to 2006) in the "To Be Filed" folder in the OLD file cabinet.
Write a guest blog post for
Break to finish preparing and actually EAT dinner.  (I did eat cereal, yogurt, hummus, a peach, and a test taco at the desk throughout the day, lest you worry I didn't eat.)
Slay all/most emails related to Bay State Equine Rescue - Hey! Fundraiser where Calico lives.  Horse of Course Family Fun Benefit at Whip-O-Will Stables on September 25th, for anyone living around Central Massachusetts!
Finish dishes for MIL before she comes to clean.
Listen to a podcast with Neil Gaiman as I continue with work…
Slay all Dragon*Con related emails.
Slay all Pi-Con related emails.
Pull spot checks to evaluate for my tutoring job.
Tally total email slayage at OVER 150 FREAKING EMAILS!!
Pause for a temporary, "Damn, I'm good!"

Realize I did not:
Finish my spot check.
Write any web copy for my web site
Write a press release for Broad Universe motherboard changeover.
Critique anything for UnCONventional.
Write my own durned blog post - wait, here it is! >check!<

Before I go to bed, I will go over one UnCONventional story.  And then a housecleaning note & $ for Mom-In-Law.  And then bed.

*In case you're wondering, my "slay" metaphor means to actually deal with, respond, record and do whatever else in regards to emails sitting in my inbox awaiting some sort of action.  As I break to write this blog, there are 198 emails still awaiting action.


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