Monday, August 8, 2011

This Week in Trish News

My gemstone and bead order came in today!

I've mentioned before that one of my side hobbies is jewelry making.  After all, we artistic folks are a fickle bunch.  Yes, I love writing above all, but it's healthy to exercise the brain on several artistic endeavors--and just plain good for the soul.

And, for a rare occasion, I'll actually be selling some of what I've made at Pi-Con!

In particular, I'm making bookmarks and Decorated Divinations.  Don't know what a Decorated Divination is?  Don't worry.  I made it up.  Remember, I've also been reading Tarot for 15 years and will be running a Tarot & Writing workshop at Pi-Con.  Still curious?  Then you better come to the convention and I'll be happy to sort you out.

As an added note, that is one fabulous pile of gems that I only paid about $36 for, including shipping, so I'm happy to recommend Black Market Minerals for anyone else interested in gemstones and beads.


Besides exploring my non-writing artistry, I'm knee-deep in edits for UnCONventional. 

I'm glad Kate and I picked stories we really liked and writers who we knew were good; it makes the reread-edit-reread-edit pattern much easier.

Arisia is also definitely holding a reading for us, and we will be having a fabulous release party!  Be prepared… because weird is getting weirder. :)


Other work:

Press release deadlines.
New trainees.
Restaurant review.


I cannot forget the other Big Thing that has me running this week.  Broad Universe is having our first Open Meeting on Sunday, August 14th, at 7PM Eastern Time (which is GMT - 4 hours)

Part of the problem is we're an international organization and we have members at all different technology levels, so we want to find something that is inclusive and free for anyone who wants to join.

Not as easy as you might think.

Morven Westfield, general tech goddess for many Broad Universe projects, is working on this.  We're doing another test meeting tonight.  Fingers crossed!


Now, I need to return to work.  Happy Monday!


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