Monday, August 22, 2011

Pi-Con Schedule and other Bits & Ends

As I mentioned, I'm the Guest of Awesome at Pi-Con in Enfield, CT this year. :)

Here's my schedule:

Friday, August 26
7:00:00 PM Guest of Awesome Reunion Suffield
8:00:00 PM Sex & Genre Literature Suffield

Saturday, August 27
10:00:00 AM Dark Matter Somers
3:00:00 PM Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading (2 hours)
5:00:00 PM Fatal Femmes Somers
7:00:00 PM Tarot & Divination as writing tools Suffield
9:00:00 PM Chicks in Chainmail Somers

Sunday, August 28
1:00:00 PM Caring For Your Pet Unicorn Suffield
2:00:00 PM of Gods and Genre Agawam

So, I should have caught this at least a moon or two ago, but I'm scheduled during the Broad Universe/Heir to the Sun Release party and set-up.  Fortunately, I have some equally awesome friends - and even a Husband-of-Awesome - who will be around to help.  After 10PM, though, I'll be living in our party room.

Besides that, it's a nice spread. I have a lot of time to take care of Dealer Room set-up on Friday and most of the party work can be done ahead of time.

Stuff left to do for Pi-Con:

Make promised artsy stuff & Decorated Divinations - happening tomorrow.  (Hi, Renée!)
Finalize Rapid Fire Reading stats
Make RFR flyer (& have H-of-A print it)
Make Party flyer (& have H-of-A print it)
Make spreadsheet for selling stuff
Make Instruction Sheet for selling stuff
For the Love of All That Is Good and Holy, DON'T DEADLINE THE NIGHT BEFORE!


In other cool news, my favorite bookshelf is featured here:

Thank you, Hunter!  :)

Besides me, there are some other excellent stories about people's favorite bookshelves.  If you have a special bookshelf, check out Hunter's submission guidelines and share with us!


I spent the earlier part of today embracing my artistic child and painting faces of kids waiting in line for Pony Rides at Whip-O-Will Stables.

Did I actually take any pictures of the adorableness?


So, you have to trust me: it was über-cyoot!!!  Horses in My Little Pony colors (pink & blue, purple & pink, green & pink, brown & purple, blue & white) were the biggest hit.  Second to that were butterflies. Lots and lots of butterflies.  I also had a Spiders & Vines, a Bloody Batman, a Lion, and a Hello Kitty as a few outstanding pictures that challenged my artistic ability. (Ok, remembering how to paint horses on faces was a challenge, too.)

Fortunately, kids aren't terrible art critics.  :)  Yay childhood!

You should totally come to the Whip-O-Will Stables Horse of Course Benefit for Bay State Equine Rescue.  I'll be doing both face painting AND Tarot reading. 

You really want a MLP-colored horsey on your cheek!  You know you do.


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