Friday, August 19, 2011

Pi-Con is a Week Away!

NChanter (Pi-Con Prez) & Me at the Pi-Con Party during Arisia 2011
This is a Fannish Friday post. :)  Because I'm a member of Geek Fandom and proud of it!

I started going to Pi-Con a few years ago because it was right by my hometown of Springfield, and I could stay with my Mom for free, and--hey!--another nearby convention!

I later found out many of my friends were there, like the Come Again Players/Genetic Imperfection, who do Rocky Horror Picture Show and Repo! The Genetic Opera.

One of the first panels I went to was one for Girl Gamers, which was great!  (I ended up being on that panel the following year.)  As an overall convention, it was very female friendly, which gave it bonus points in my book.

Anyway, Pi-Con has had me giddy all year because they invited me to be their Guest of Awesome this year.  (The equivalent of the Fan Guest of Honor at most conventions.)  Between the irony of the convention being local to where I grew up the total "uncool geek" through most of school and the fact that I'd fallen in love with this convention anyway, I've been on Cloud 9 since last Pi-Con.

It was like an omen for how excellent 2011 would be:

  • Editing an anthology (ok, behind on editing an anthology, but still!)
  • Renewed writing work
  • Major editing projects
  • HORSE!
  • President of Broad Universe
  • Poetry Sale
  • Another completed novel draft

And we're not even into my favorite month, September, yet!

Anyway, besides being the Guest of Awesome and being on a whole bunch of panels, I am also doing the following at Pi-Con:

  • Running a Dealer's Room with artsy and writery and sciencey friends (including Broads!)
  • Running a wonderfully caffeine-fueled Broad Universe party, sharing with a release party for Heir to the Sun
  • Bring Broad Universe to the Main Tent for a Rapid Fire Reading that I'm making extra special with a some games and trivia and--of course!--plenty of chocolate!

Please, please, please consider joining me at this convention (if you aren't already).  :)  It's taking place at the Holiday Inn Springfield-Enfield.  Even if it is just for one day, try coming out on Saturday for the reading and the party and probably a bunch of other panels that I'll be on.

Stay tuned for my full schedule on Monday!


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