Friday, September 18, 2009

"I think this line's mostly filler..."

I have a list of more useful blogs in mind: Making a Writing Workshop Work for You I & II, Panel Promotion Secrets, Little Articles: Big Impact, Volunteer Wisely, Never-Neverland Networking, Interviewing for Fun and Profit…

I also have a list of more entertaining blogs: Adventures in Conventioning, Dragon*Con Dungeoning, Reviews of restaurants I can't review, Not Quite Horse Country: Confessions of a Horse Crazy City Girl, Horse Rescue stories...

I also have some that kind of fall in-between: Fangirling for Fun and Profit, Party Food Fun, Horse's Arse and other Dangerous Things, Therapy through Character Torture…

They are all outlined in my head, of course, but I have had it on my to-do lists to pre-write a few of these and moved it forward all week. I'm not sure if it will happen tomorrow as they're asking for extra hours where I'm tutoring, I have more out-of-house errands to do… and, well, I'm looking at my Friday list now and it's just not promising.

I'm gone the weekend between the Annual Talk Like A Pirate Day Party and stART on the Street on Sunday (with Renée & Sean)… I may hit my editor's Roller Derby Sunday Night, but I need to run it by the hubby - or I may just need to get work done. L Like… a blog post if I'm going to try and keep up this new blogging schedule.

So, this is, I suppose, a "Filler" blog. Which is probably not the best thing - at least according to the Copyblogger folks…

… but then again, I'm not a sales blog.

No wait! Yes, yes, I'd love you to go buy Bad-Ass Faeries 2 and my new chapbook The Old Woman and the Unicorn. Please go buy them! J

And, I suppose, I'm selling myself:

An Author an Agent Wants to Work With
An Author You Want to Be a Fan Of
An Author whose Work You Want to Buy
A Writer You Want to Hire
A Writer You Want to Pay - (see above potential blogs… great article ideas, no?)
An Editor You Want to Hire
A Panelist/Participant/Guest at Your Convention (see above blogs… great panels, no?)
A Representative of Horses You Want to Support

(I feel like such a whore… Bad Guilt, Bad Guilt - Go Away!)

So… what do you think? Is it better to blog regularly - even with "Filler Blogs"… or not to blog unless you have something meaningful to say?


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