Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blogathon Article: Aimee Weinstein

Aimee Weinstein is a good friend of mine and a perpetual, muchly appreciated supporter of my endeavors - be they fiction, non-fiction, or horsey fundraising.  I'm very happy to help her promote HER FIRST VERY OWN UPCOMING BOOK!!  (How awesome is that?!)  Go Aimee!  And thank you for your support!
How often do you get to do a project that gives you a giggle every day?  I was lucky enough to engage in such a project recently, and it has led to the (still-fingers-crossed) publication of my first book this autumn!
The book, which will be called Lost With Translation, is a compilation of signs – street signs, bathroom signs, directional signs, etc. – that are written in Japanese with an accompanying lousy translation in English.  What do I mean by that?  Well, see below:
This is fairly normal for the Japanese.  They like to beat around the bush quite a bit – and do not say very much directly and clearly.  The sign, located next to a popular pond in a popular park in Tokyo, fairly bows to the reader.  In the overly polite Japanese society, bowing is a staple of proper manners, and I swear, if this sign could bow, it would do it.
When the book comes out, it will have nearly fifty photos such as this, and accompanying each photo will be text that I’ve written in English.  A Japanese translation of my text will also appear on the page.  Since I’ve written some fairly humorous paragraphs, the translations should be pretty interesting!
Please look for the book appearing from Discover21 publications in Tokyo.  It will most likely be available in the U.S. on Amazon.  More info to follow.
Thanks again, Aimee!  Join Aimee in helping me help the Bay State Equine Rescue - there's only FOUR MORE BLOGATHON POSTS LEFT!!  I really am begging.  Please?

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