Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blogathon Dedication: To the Husband-of-Awesome

This is the third year I've committed myself to this insanity (see what I did there? Yay writerly tiredness!), and my husband has yet to kill me.  (Tho' if he sees that horrible pun, things may change.)

I have the most Awesome Husband in the World.

He cooked me a delicious dinner of chili dogs and bulgar wheat salad.

He made sure I had a whole pot of iced coffee.

He reminded me to drink water and fruit juice, too.

He cooked me lunch.

He went shopping last night at midnight when my back-up hard drive died.

He bought me cinnamon rolls!

He fixed the cars while I blogged.

… and then ended up in a mess because his break line was rotted out and his tires were bald.  L  Not so great…  So, he spent most of the say trying to fix that, still leaving me to blog for horses.  Horses he isn't even very fond of. 

Because he knows it matters to me.

I have the Most Awesome Husband in the World.

Make his efforts and frustration extra worth it by donating during his blog post?  It'll make him feel better about having to spend all day tomorrow dealing with car repairs while I sleep.

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