Sunday, August 1, 2010

Osirus: The Darkness and the Dawn

Osirus was the first horse I got to name.  Susan warned me that naming a horse creates a special bond; she was right.

I chose his name (spelled as such per book-keeping and sleepness nights of his arrival for you Egyptologists out there) after the Egyptian god.  When he arrived, volunteers and the vet did not expect him to survive the night.  Yet, by the time I arrived to the rescue and the sun had risen, he was awake.

(Osirus upon arrival at BSER.)

This cycle continued several times during the chestnut Quarter Horse/Arab’s stay with us; he had been that ill and damaged from abuse.

I'm posting this at 4AM because it's the darkest hour before the dawn. 

What was also amazing about Osirus was that despite the abuse he suffered, he warmed up to human companionship immediately.  After I finished caring for the other horses on the day he arrived, I donned gloves and went to the quarantine building where I spent the good part of an hour getting to know him.  Each of my visits ended with Osirus: gentle grooming and plenty of treats.  Right off the bat, he would lean into me, rest his head on my shoulder or stomach.  When his strength was up, he would stretch his neck and make the best faces of ecstasy whenever he was groomed.  I knew he recognized me every visit.  Once he was out of quarantine, he’d nicker and come to me from the herd whenever I drove up. 

(Osirus 4 months after his arrival.)

After a year of upward and downward turns, Osirus seemed to have stabilized enough to be fostered away from Susan for a winter.  He stayed with Rocky – BSER’s first rescue – and his human family.  The two boys bonded immediately, and Rocky’s family took him on as a permanent foster.  While he lived, he lived happily; anything a horse could want was given to him and more.  Unfortunately, the damage to Osirus’ internal organs was too great for a long-term recovery.  He passed with Rocky’s family with a mouthful of grain, surrounded by love.

While Osirus’ passing was very hard, it is still a positive story.  He spent the last year and a half of his live loved dearly – safe from the abuse that put him in such dire condition.

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