Monday, August 9, 2010

Manic Monday returns!

After the Blogathon, I had so much work to do that I let my regular scheduled blogs drop.  There's 49 lovely posts from the Blogathon, though, so I figured it wasn't a big deal.

Also, I was all for leaving the names of my fabulous pre-sponsors as top post for a whole week.  :)  You all rock!!

In any case, it was a FABULOUS Blogathon!  I beat my net totals from last year.  :)  I connected with some amazing fellow/sister bloggers, and I had some great comments/conversations over important information on horses, rescue, and slaughter.  I'm looking forward to next year!

I have NOT gotten all my Thank Yous done, unfortunately, as I only just got a bunch of PayPal invoices on Friday (the delay was for good reason.)  So, give me until the end of this week if you donated or sponsored to get a personal Thank You that you can also use for tax purposes.  If you have NOT gotten something from me, please let me know.  It means I may not have gotten your receipt (or, possibly, I thought I sent it and did not.)  I want to make sure everyone who made this such a great fundraiser gets their props!


In my House…

My friend & writing buddy, Heather, is visiting me for a few days this week, and I'm looking forward to more writing, editing, cooking with her and Lexi. 

This resulted in a good part of last week having fallen victim to the cruel tasks of the Cleaning Fairy.  The good news: I have 6 cabinets, 4 counters, a can pantry, a liquor pantry, and 2 dining room tables (yes, I have 2 tables in my tiny dining room) that are CLEAN and ORGANIZED!  The bad:  That's only about half my kitchen… and doesn't include the rest of the house.  Note: H-of-A DID organize and clean up the man-town that normally is the living room.

Also, I get to play with my friend Cyn's baby for THREE DAYS next week!  Squee!

That means I will be busy as anything and may just do a short and sweet blog post on Wednesday.  ;)  Forgive me in advance!


On the Interwebs…

After the Blogathon catchup, I got way behind on my social media skilz, so that should be better addressed this week.

And, also, computer wise, I'm happy to be helping out Broad Universe with our new website redesign!  I got to see the functional preview and take some notes, and it looks GREAT!  I'm so happy to see what we're getting, and I'm sure the other members are going to love it too!

Also, the rescue happens to be reworking their website, and I volunteered to help a little on that, too, so more Internet excitement.  I'll also be helping out with the rescue's Facebook account… so, if you liked the Blogathon and want more great info, do join our group, or at least "Like" us! 

Bay State Equine Rescue Twitter updates are on the horizon!

And crap… I need to check in with Jean Marie about the next Broad Pod!  And my readers for September.  And the whole buncha Broads for 2011!  Eep!

The 'Net is EATING MY LIFE!  (And I think I like it…)


On the Paper…

The week before last had me FINALLY get to - and pass - the 10k.  Granted, the vast majority of that was for the Blogathon, but that's ok.  I hit 11,770, which brought my word "deficit" to only -2783.  This week I hit 10,359 bringing me to only -2424.  Yay!  Even better, a little 4200 was fiction this week.  On both Heather and Aurelio!


And… that's about it. 

Heather & Lexi are here (and have been for almost an hour and a half), so I realllllly ought to go to bed. 

Happy Week!


Kelly A. Harmon said...

Congrats on all you've accomplished!

Will you come to my house, please? I need some organizational help. (And Capclave is happening in October, you know...)

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