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Blogathon Article: True Cat Toons

Roberta Gregory is another colleague and friend from Broad Universe.  She's a comic writer and artist!  Her ongoing project, True Cat Toons will touch the hearts of many fellow horse folk, writers, and animal lovers.  After all, nearly all of this crossroads of demographics live with cats.

True Cat Toons!

WHAT are True Cat Toons? Comics stories of humorous and/or enlightening and/or heartwarming TRUE cat tales, illustrated by internationally-known comics artist Roberta Gregory (myself!)-- and written by YOU.

 If you have a cat (or three) you have a cat tale to tell! I am collecting folks' TRUE cat stories for my website and forthcoming book (or three).

Have you had a very special cat in your life who deserves to be remembered and whose tale you would love to share with the world?

Has a cat of yours been seen doing something very unusual or thought-provoking or just plain funny?

Have you been observing cat behavior for years and now have some insights to share with the rest of us?

Did your cat come into your life by an unusual or serendipitous route?

If so, then you could contribute to True Cat Toons! You do not have to know how to write a comic book— simple written paragraphs, a few sentences or a short verbal narrative are enough. I have been writing comics all my creative life, and it's easy for me. But if you want to script your Cat Tale as a comic and suggest the pictures or dialogue to accompany it, feel free. (You just might unleash your hidden comic book writer!)

Visit my website for more details:

If you do not feel like contributing, visit anyhow! Read True Cat Comics by other folks, see cat links, read about what I have learned from my cats (including Cat Yoga), read the blog (and contribute your own insights), look at photos of some pretty kitties. You can even follow True Cat Toons on Facebook (and add your own kitties' pictures to the photo gallery)!

I believe that everyone who is close to a cat (or a few) is an amateur cat behavioral scientist—and has observations and insights that are of value in the great picture of how remarkable and intelligent and aware cats truly can be. I have collected stories about the ways mother cats educate their kittens, fascinating interactions between cats (one cat appointed himself an elderly cat's "bodyguard") and with other animals (one cat became the leader of a pack of dogs until he realized he was really a cat after all) and with their humans (meet Purrrzac the therapy cat, who helps soothe therapy patients) just to name a few stories.

There are also stories about inventive ways cats annoy their owners, the strange circumstances that bring cats into our lives, and the persistence of a cat who returns daily to his old neighborhood after his "people" move away. I have heroic tales of the lengths humans will go to for their cats—what about disposing of radioactive cat poop as toxic waste every day? There is even a ghost story of a cat who returned to give a final farewell to his loved ones. AND, learn why you should not open your mouth TOO wide in front of a hungry cat!

Is there something special about black cats? A majority of the stories I have collected so far are about black cats. I think this is wonderful, because black cats are traditionally the last to be adopted, and it is great to be able to show how special they are.

My first cat comic was a tribute to my wonderful kitty Muffy, who I once thought of as an ordinary, boring cat, and who I came to know as a little fur person of great depth. This story was published many years ago and earned me an Eisner Award nomination (the comic industry's Oscars) and this story will appear in the book as well.

You can also visit my main website.

It is filled with many pages from my past and current comic books, as well as the first chapter of my new novel, and you can buy my books and comics, while they last.

BUT, if you admire cats, have cats in your life or remember a beloved feline member of your family—do stop by True Cat Toons for a visit—and feel free to contribute!

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