Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogathon: Magical Merlin

Merlin is a Dutch Warmblood who was worked too hard for too long.  He's older than he should be and suffers arthritis.  He should not be ridden or worked. 

But he should be loved.  And he will love you in return - with all his enormous self.

And still kind of silly.

He needs someone who will be a friend to him until it's his time to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Could you be the right person for Merlin to share the rest of his life with?

Help the Bay State Equine Rescue continue to nurture more horses like Merlin by clicking on the apple below.  Thank you.

Click the apple to donate now to help the BSER horses!


skepkat said...

He looks like a great horse. Love the pictures.

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