Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An exceptionally late Manic Monday

But I haven't gone to bed yet, so it's still "Monday"… at least, in a time zone or two to the west, anyway.

In any case, what I've done today:

Assembled (i.e. fought with cheap-arse pump and equipment so I could safely inflate) a new Yoga Ball to sit on for a few hours a day to hopefully help my back, shoulder, and give a bit of exercise. (1 hour)

Recorded a Broad Pod reading of A Silent Starsong. (2 hours due to interrupting phone calls; figuring out a snazzy, brand new microphone; McGyver-izing a pop shield with nylons and a coat hanger; and giving up on getting said mic or pop shield to stand on own… oh, and my own perfectionist tendencies as I went through three times over to cut loud breathing, page turning, mic or pop-shield dropping (and respective cursing) and other sounds I didn't like.)

Sent my reading, three others, and all the other podcast bits to Jean Marie Ward, who is hosting August. (Thanks Jean Marie!)  (1 hour split with laundry, cooking, and such because I am too cheap to pay for faster ftp service.)

Normal housework (laundry, dishes, cooking, pet care) (5 hours split through day)

Stuff that happened throughout day that I didn't bother timing:

Got email back under 100!

Took care of some Bay State Equine Rescue and Blogathon business

Wrestled with the vampire in my head who wants me to record more of his stories, though I'm hardly done writing script for his first comic.

Got in contact with my traveling friend who I happen to "see" less of, the closer she travels.

… and that was after hitting bed around 4AM after a deadline.  Phew! 


Of course, I'm still begging for more sponsors for the Blogathon!  IT'S THIS SATURDAY!

We are already stocking up on chocolate and coffee to get me through the 24 hours of blogging!  The Husband-of-Awesome will be ready.  :)  Because he is just that awesome.

Sooo… if you want to help me help awesome horses… and promote you during the International Blogathon day, let me know!  I can still squeeze in some interviews and guest blog posts - and definitely some sponsor intros and promo-tweets.

For those of you on LJ, there's even a community for this year: 

And if you are also blogging for your favorite charity on the 31st - 1st and would like to trade comments or sponsorships, let me know!

In any case - support bloggers for a good cause!  And support horses in need.  :)


My word count last week of the 100k challenge was still < 10k, but it was better than the measly 6.5k of the week before.  (Final count was just above 8k).  However, with all the blogging I'm doing this week - and the big ole article I turned in on Sunday - I'll be ahead of the word count… in non-fiction anyway.

Perhaps next week I'll be able to dedicate almost entirely to fiction.  That would make me extra happy!


It's almost 2AM now, so I will close up this Manic Monday… after all, I have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow that I didn't get to today:

Motherboard meeting minutes (I'm late - please don’t kill me!)

More blog writing

An blog interview

And the ever-existing battle with email to-dos!

Good luck to us all…


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