Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogathon: The Placement Initiative

One of the cool things that Bay State Equine Rescue does for horses and humans is their Placement List.

We send emails to our extended trees of networking to help match up people and horses.  If someone lets us know about a horse needing a home, we pass the word… and if a human is looking for a horse, we pass the word.

One of the problems we face is we're competing with meat market buyers.

What a lot of people don't realize is if they are advertising their horse they want to leave to a good home, a slaughterhouse purchaser will masquerade as an interested buyer or taker (because there are a lot of "free to good homes" posts - especially on Craigs List.)  They will say what a wonderful home they are offering, lying through their teeth, so they can load up your equine family member on their trailer and send them down the terrifying road to slaughter.

I'll talk more about the horrors of horse slaughter later.

But these people are trolling Craigs List and equine advertisements on reputable lists looking for cheap ways to make more money.  And how great of a deal for them is your free horse?

Bay State Equine Rescue also checks these lists and tries to find homes for these horses before it's too late.  Often giving financial help or taking care of SAFE transportation for these animals to good homes or foster homes.  Your donation below goes to these efforts.  No matter how small the donation, you are helping in our mission to save as many horses as possible.

Thank you.

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