Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meet Bella and Blanca

October 2008, New England Equine Rescues sent out a plea to rescues regarding a family of four Belgian horses who were being sent to slaughter.  Rescues from all around the region banded together.  Funds were tight, but at the time I had a enough to help the BSER sponsor the rescue of the mare.

She came to us malnourished with some of the worst hooves we’ve seen in all our time rescuing.

I was there when she arrived, and after a few name suggestions, Bella stuck.  (I had mentioned Bella Sophia, for being beautiful and wise, but we ended up with Bella the Belgian.)  She did live up to her name and is quite the beautiful girl.

She wasn’t too keen on humans though.  (Gee, I wonder why!) But, rather than act up, she was very quite about it, simply moving away.  After a while, she started warming up – especially when it came to grooming.

By December, long time rescue volunteer and supporter, Colleen Corrice had fallen in love with the Beautiful Bella and took her to her forever home, where she is thoroughly and appropriately adored.  Then, the rescue was informed about a wonderful surprise:

Our efforts had saved not one gorgeous horse, but TWO!

Colleen named the new baby Blanca because when she first saw her, she was this pure white. 

Aren’t they precious?

Please help the rescue save more horses like Bella and Blanca by donating via the PayPal button below.  Thank you.  

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