Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogathon: Here's Maddie!

Madison is another recent addition to the Bay State Equine Rescue family.

Right now, she's living with foster mom, Robin Sachs.  Robin and her horses are enjoying this sweet quarter horse-Morgan cross's company - particularly Vic, Robin's gelding, who has a "special" relationship with Maddie.

Maddie has very good ground manners, but has not had much more than basic ground training.  While the BSER is working on obtaining some grants to cover training for our horses - because most are hardly more than "green broke" - we really don't have the resources, currently, to train our rescues under the saddle.

When Maddie arrived at Robin's house after being just dropped off at the rescue, "you could see every bone in her body," Robin said.  So Robin spent the winter getting weight on Madison - and doing a great job at it!  She's got a gorgeous coat now and plenty plump enough to hug.

Maddie loves to run and explore and definitely enjoys hanging out with human and equine companions alike.

Are you the right family for Madison?

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skepkat said...

Maddie is gorgeous. Great job getting her back into shape.

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