Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogathon: Meet Apaulo!

Apaulo was found by the BSER at barely 10 months old with an untreated case of strangles in filthy stall with no food or no water.

BSER President Susan Sheridan’s heart went out to this poor boy immediately; she named him after father: A. Paul Orsi. 
After a long journey of expensive and special treatment, quarantine, and a lot of hard work and love, Apaulo joined the herd back at the main building of the rescue.  He immediately started to prove he was a loving – but very spirited – boy.  He won a lot of hearts quickly, but things started to take a turn for the worse once he headed towards two years old.

Due to the severe infection in his youth, his testicles never properly descended, so the rescue couldn’t properly geld him right away. This created some major problems for the volunteer staff and for poor Apaulo.   Unfortunately, most of the BSER staff are volunteers and many are children.  While there is a small dedicated group of highly experienced horsepersons who lead barn duties and management, a lot of volunteers are novice horsepersons or people with limited equine experience.  The barn management crew works hard to make sure volunteers are safe at all times.  However, Apaulo was becoming quite the young stallion and proved to be a handful even for the experienced barn managers.  The responsibility for Apaulo’s care fell almost entirely to Susan.

A special fundraiser was created by the BSER to support the expensive and intrusive surgery required to geld him.  The BSER family and community rose to the occasion and within a few months of beginning this fundraiser, Apaulo was finally gelded and began to settle in. 

While Apaulo can be very sweet, and is very smart, he is still a handful.  He needs a very special forever home where he can have consistent training and love.  He really should be handled daily and constantly challenged.  Do you know someone who might be the perfect match for Apaulo?

Please, help Apaulo and other horses like him.  Consider clicking below to donate so BSER can continue saving horses!

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skepkat said...

Too bad I live so far away. That and Jason probably would let me get a horse right now. But Apaulo is my kind of horse. Definitely want to follow his progress.

Trisha Wooldridge said...

:) I confused my chiropractor that day when I wanted him to check my skull bone alignment because Apaulo headbutted me. We love Apaulo dearly, but if you really want him, I'm sure the rescuers will band together again to transport him down to you.

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