Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thoroughbreds at the BSER

As an example of some of the problems with the racing industry that Cindy Corliss raised in the earlier post, here are some of the horses that ended up at Bay State Equine Rescue because of the racing industry.

(Photo courtesy of Jane Derosier.)
Ember was born to racing lines, but because her front foot was set at the wrong angle, she would have been shipped to auction and likely sold for slaughter.  So, BSER stepped in and took her.  She now lives with a great family who can use her for light riding and loves her dearly.

(Photo courtesy of Renée Goodwin of Stained Glass Creations & Beyond.)
Sox was an off-track Thoroughbred (OTTB) who had severe issues with his spine.  After BSER recovered him, he began to slowly recover too.  He was able to retire in peace.

Parker is another OTTB who came to us recently.  Fortunately, he has already found a loving family.

I don't want to imagine a world where these three wonderful horses would be nothing but chattel or meat.  Each had his or her own brilliant personality, and each touched the lives of all the people who had a chance to know them.

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