Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogathon: Horses are Beautiful

What is it about horses that inspire so much artwork in so many media: writing, sculpture, painting, photography, pottery, mural, mosaic, comics… Whatever kind of art you can find, you'll find pictures of horses. 

Horses symbolize so much: grace, courage, nobility, love, partnership, survival, strength, speed, spirit…

(Fused glass horse head by Stained Glass Creations & Beyond.)
My friends, Renée & Sean, have done a lot of artistic work around horses. 

In fact, Renée is donating 50% of the price from this equine necklace she made to the Bay State Equine Rescue!

Purchase it from for $20, US shipping included.

Enjoy the beauty of horses - and help the BSER preserve their beauty for generations to come.

Click the apple to donate now to help the BSER horses!


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