Friday, July 30, 2010


(Photo by BSER volunteer Jane Derosier)

This is my third year of blogging for the Bay State Equine Rescue - and it's been quite an adventure.

My first year, 2008, I had the idea of raising money by "selling" guest posts and advertising.  I raised a good amount, but I was a wreck trying to organize it all.  On top of it all, the "Blogathon" organizers had kind of… dropped the event.  Most of the bloggers still banded together and formed the Day of Blogs community - especially active on Live Journal.  I did pretty well for the rescue, working out a schedule as I posted and figuring out how to optimally place my different sponsors. 

In my second year blogging, 2009, I was totally on the ball with organizing!  I got advertising sponsors, threw out the idea at networking gatherings, and all sorts of great stuff.  It was definitely my most successful year so far.  The biggest drawback:  I was actually away for the "official" Blogathon weekend, so, I, uh, made my own 24 hour slot.

This year, I was not as much on the ball, which is totally bad on my part.  I still found advertisers and a good amount of donations from sponsors beforehand, and I really have some spectacular posts from people, as you'll see.  I will be surprised if I break what I made last year, but I've made 2/3 of what I did already - and I've actually got a proper schedule written up!  So, the day, itself, should go more smoothly.  The problem this year:  Regular Blogathon organizers have dropped their organizing… again.  (This confused a few of my sponsors.)  Fortunately, like in 2008, the bloggers have banded together to form… the Blog-O-Rama!  So, the exponential power of many will be driving things forward!

My work today, Friday, is to clean up the posts I've received, rework some of the information I used last year, and write the new material that I need. (Oh!  And turn in a restaurant review to my editor!)  Since I'll be posting to both my blogger and my livejournal blogs, with lots of photos, that's going to take the vast majority of each half hour that I have… because I still haven't taught myself how to auto-post.  (Also my bad.)  In the time between (besides running to the bathroom and trying not to get any food and drink on my keyboard), I plan on following several of my friends who will be blogging, too. 

So, if you're around anytime from 9AM Saturday until 9AM Sunday, THIS WEEKEND, please, please, please stop by my blog and leave a comment or three.

And, if you can, please follow the link that will appear at the bottom of every post (including this one), and give whatever you can to the rescue.  Even if it's just a buck.  J  Every little bit helps the horses.

Thank you!

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