Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogathon: Darling Danny

Blogathon: Meet Danny!

Most of my attempts at photographing all the current BSER residents were foiled by this silly guy.

Thanks to sponsor Amanda Miller (post upcoming), I call Danny our "pikey pony."  He's a large pony-sized equine of indeterminate breeding.  It's a bit of a slur over in the UK where "pikeys" or gypsies are not the most welcome people in the world. 

He's not a "gypsy" horse, as the US considers them, either, though he does have beautiful markings and a fluffy mane and tale.

If you ask him, though, he doesn't care.  He's too busy cuddling.

What I adore about Danny is he's a "lap-pony."  He wants you to love him.  He wants to just be near people.

(That's why I had to be this far away to get a picture of his whole body - rather than just his face or nose.)

He follows us around the paddock wherever we go, has great manners, and is just plain adorable.

I mean, look at that face!

Danny would make a great partner for a kid or a petite person.  Help him find a forever home where he can share his love?

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skepkat said...

Talk about close up pictures. What a face! Danny certainly seems like a character.

Trisha Wooldridge said...

If Danny weren't so small... and if Scott wouldn't cash in on whatever life insurance policy he has on me... I might have brought Danny home yesterday.

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