Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Writing Challenge!

Fellow Broad, Hunter Liguore, posed a 100k challenge our discussion list and the Sword & Saga blog based on Stephen King's On Writing.

I wanted to jump on this right away, but hesitated.

For this month, I'd been running away to my favorite deli or coffee shop or art gallery just to steal a little time to write, and I've got, I think, almost 30 pages on Heather's story (the character, not the friend by that name), so about 7500 words, give or take. I've been missing meeting with my artist friend for the comic book, which is on about 20-some-odd scripted pages (which, of course, is more written pages than pages scripted). Fortunately, Stef (artist friend) now has a new studio! On top of that, there's still the Apocalyptic YA I'm working on with Christy.

So, I'm behind on all that, not counting short stories and submissions.

I also (obviously) have fallen behind on non-fiction - as I'm just updating my blog again after a whole week.

There was a big rush in training and work in my tutoring position, and recently Readercon to plan for, but it's time I reconnoiter and … get back on that horse of productivity again!

I'm taking the challenge!

Just - as I normally do - in my own way. My 100k will be split between fiction & non-fiction.

So, 5k writing fiction each week + 5k writing non-fiction.

And, except for my really long essay-esque emails regarding teaching/tutoring/feminism/news etc. to my discussion groups, email DOES NOT COUNT. Blogging totally counts, as does any actual non-fic assignments. I'll do a breakdown each week, too, so watch for it on Twitter and possibly here.

I have a theory, in any case, that my non-fic writing is already at + 5k. However, if it's not, it's damn good excuse to do some ahead-of-time blogging!

Who's with me?

*The pic is from our tour of Fort Sumter while we were in South Carolina. Scott got a nice shot of me looking hopeful as I head through a new doorway. I like the metaphor for this challenge.


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