Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogathon: Sassy broads Phoebe and Avoca

Phoebe Wray brings you this post for Avoca.  It's a good match, both are sassy women who are good at running things.  Avoca's the Alpha Mare of the herd, and Phoebe is the president of Broad Universe.  Avoca is a brilliant escape artist, Phoebe writes about a spunky girl who blows up oppressive government centers that lobotomize women.  If Avoca could read, she'd read Phoebe's JEMMA7729. 

Avoca embodies all that I adore about horses and the traits of all my most beloved animals.  She possesses a wild beauty, a sharp intelligence, and a stubborn streak wider than the broad side of the barn.

We took in Avoca as a foal.  She was born with perfect sight, but developed cataracts and within 6 weeks was almost completely blind.  BSER raised the money for surgery to remove these cataracts and, with the help of generous veterinarians, we were able to restore a portion of her sight.  She is about half blind now, at 5 years old.  While she is currently available for adoption, it is ONLY to the most special of homes that we would release her to: not only because of her special need, but because she has become so special and so much a part of the volunteers lives. 

After all, something might go horribly awry at feeding time if she wasn’t supervising us from her stall!

(Photo: Jane Derosier)

Avoca, as I researched it, is actually a name for a location where two rivers meet in Ireland.  Susan, BSER president, had told me the name was related to water.  It absolutely suits our Rocky Mountain Pryor Mustang by that name.

We were refilling water while the horses were out and left the hose in the main trough so we could do other chores.

I recall the thunder of hooves and snorting and whinnying.  I ran out with the other volunteer helping me, Melissa I believe; it was a Thursday morning.  There was Miss Avoca, hose in her mouth, prancing back and forth, trying to reach the other horses in the herd with the spray.  The other horses had moved away from her and were pretty well semi-circled around, trying to avoid her line of fire, giving her the biggest WTF faces I’ve ever seen on any animal.  (Yes, horses can indeed produce clear WTF! faces).  I suppose it was to their benefit she can’t see that well.

Are you the very special person that Avoca needs?

Please, consider helping out the BSER give wonderful lives to horses like Avoca by clicking below and donating now!

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Scott said...

Is that the one who headbutted you?

Trisha Wooldridge said...

LOL! No, that one was Apaulo. I'm featuring him at 2PM :)

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