Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Blogathon, Blog-O-Rama, Day of Blogs, Etc. Explanation

Since I'll have some non-bloggers reading my journal, I'm gonna break down what this Blogathon is all about.

First, a blog:  an online journal.  Short for web log.

Blogger: Someone who enjoys writing in her/his blog.  There's a huge community of us. 

A bunch of people, a while ago, got together with the great idea of joining forces to use our blogging powers for the Greater Good.  We'd raise money for charities!  Like any "a - thon", we could collect sponsors per post or as flat donations or in any other creative way we could think… and we'd commit to a posting challenge: a post every half hour for 24 hours.

Thus, the original Blogathon was born.

My friend, Shira (who blogs as Shadesong and is supporting the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center - go support her!) introduced me to the idea a few years back. 

Not being very good at navigating around online, particularly on bulletin boards (not that I'm much better now, really - I'm just better at pretending), I quilted together a plan that I thought would work for me, which I detailed on this post to this year's LiveJournal community.

Basically, though, the first year I started, the original Blogathon organizers had difficulties, so being the community that we are, Bloggers got together and organized the Day of Blogs.  The year after that, I would be away for the actual date set for the Blogathon, so I did my own the weekend before (and still raised a fabulous amount for the rescue!)

This year, the original-ish Blogathon organizers seemed to fall apart again, so we fundraising Bloggers have banded together again for the Blog-O-Rama as it is officially/unofficially called.

We're still churning out a blog every half hour for 24 hours, so the metaphor of the marathon still fits, thus, I'm still calling it a blogathon.  :p  It's easier for ongoing communication purposes.

In any case, besides me, do check out some of the other bloggers and who they are supporting. 

We've also got an event post on Facebook listing a lot of us.

And here's another link from moderators:

And if you're on Twitter, check out the hashtag #blogathon to see what we're all up to.

Even if you can't support us monetarily, support us by spreading the word of our exploits around the interwebz!  We can haz awesome blogging community!

Thank you!

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