Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogathon Profile: Massachusetts Horse Magazine

Massachusetts Horse magazine has been a supporter of the Bay State Equine Rescue for many years.  Twice, editor Stephanie Sanders-Ferris has dedicated her annual Benefit Show to the rescue, and she has always been great about donating advertising space for the Blogathon. 

In fact, the magazine is dedicated to giving back to the MA horse community - and the greater equine community entirely.  Every issue includes a "Lend A Hoof" column, where an equine non-profit is profiled.  We also spotlight a different horse and a different horsewoman every issue.  Horses with amazing stories and regular women who love horses and have amazing stories.  Every cent from the Benefit show goes to the sponsored organization.

On top of all that, Stephanie is very active in the 4-H Communities and chooses to keep the magazine printing entirely green. 

It's a highly respected magazine among horsefolk in Massachusetts because it's dedicated to the community and to quality information with each article.  Find out more about the magazine - or check out their great advertising rates - at

And thank you, again, Steph, for all your support of the Bay State Equine Rescue, and for your continued support of the Blogathon!

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