Friday, July 16, 2010

Fundraising Friday

I've been happily filling up slots for my Bay State Equine Rescue Blogathon, but there are still more - and I would love to have every slot filled to help us out.

To give you an idea about some of the work we do in the community, BSER was recently contacted about a backyard farm that was housing 6 mustangs, 4 cows, and 2 goats all together.  They were living without food, in each others feces, with stagnant water.  The two horses in the picture, Coco and Rudy, show how thin these poor guys were.

BSER was instrumental in handling this case from finding homes for the mustangs to working the authorities in regards to the neglect.

This is what we do, on so many levels.

We work with authorities.

We network extensively to find homes for animals in need: whether they be backyard neglect cases or families of horses in meat pens.

We directly intervene on behalf of horses in need.  For example, we are currently working with friends and colleagues at the excellent Misty Rose Arabians who have kindly taken in two of the mustang ponies.  Jessica Chickering, a brilliant trainer, had planned on only taking one, but when she saw them, she had to take two.

None of the mustang ponies were handled much by humans.  One of the theories of their background were they were taken in from one of the Bureau of Land Management round-ups designed to lower the horse and burro populations out west (or make room for more cattle grazing and/or human expansion, depending on who you ask).  As some of the round-up mustangs end up at auctions, that means they are likely to get picked up for slaughter.  So, the horses are yanked from their natural habitat to provide the wealthy with high-end cuisine in Europe and Japan.

In any case, BSER has also worked in helping legislation for more humane treatment of wild horses and burros, too.

So, please, give me a hand in helping the rescue continue their good work - and I will be happy to promote the hell out of you in my Blogathon.  Here's the levels of sponsorship again:
  • Your own blog interview: I interview you, include pictures you provide, and tell the world why they need to hire you or buy your products/books/etc. - $40 sponsorship
  • Your own blog feature: 700 words of your own to tell the world about yourself with up to 2 pictures. - $35 sponsorship
  • Sponsor one of my blog posts: I'll give you a 50-word blurb before one of my planned posts about equine rescue, horses, horse care, or equine legislation. - $20
  • Twitter/Facebook-mania: Why people should buy your product/hire you in 140 characters or less. Posted to both my Twitter and Facebook accounts. - $10
And because times are tough, I'm even adding a $5 benefit for anyone who gives a donation and sends me a PayPal receipt of it by July 30th.  Just send me $5 and I'll mention you and/or your business and/or your product and service in my opening and closing Thank You notes - with a live link to your website.

Please consider helping more wonderful animals like Coco and Rudy.  And consider helping yourself to some advertising for your support.

You can donate to the BSER right with the below Apple link.  Or send me an email for more information.

I thank you - and the horses thank you!


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