Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogathon Profile: Cindy Corliss

Cindy Corliss, who I met through the Editorial Freelancer's Association, has been a great supporter of the Blogathon since I started it.  Not only that, but she's become a friend and wonderful horse rescue conspirator and crusader.  She recently was part of a rescue of three Arabian horses, two of which she adopted, from a neglectful home. 

(Gracie and Lisa, happily munching in their happy home that Cindy provided.)

My name is Cindy Corliss and I began Bookworm Inc. ( in 2004.  In 2008, I joined the Editorial Freelancers Association wherein I’ve had the privilege of learning from professionals in publishing and of meeting animal advocates like Trisha Wooldridge and her great cause, Bay State Equine Rescue. While I do not live in Massachusetts, so I can’t volunteer my time at BSER in person, I greatly admire their efforts made on behalf of needy horses. As the owner of two rescue horses of my own, I know the amount of physical work, planning, and budgeting needed to provide proper care for these magnificent animals. Multiply two horses times all those that the good people at BSER care for, and you can see the brilliance (and selflessness) of Trish’s annual blogging event. Please help BSER by donating what you can afford, no matter how small.

I grew up with horses, worked racing circuits as a bug boy, and know the harsh world of the horseracing industry and its disposable horse mentality. I'd be interested in donating (pro bono) editorial services to those with firsthand knowledge writing to expose and put an end to the cruelty, doping, slaughter, etc. all of which exist behind the scenes of the racehorse industry. Confidentiality ensured. Please contact me at Cindy(at)bookworminc(dot)com

As always, thank you very much for your support, Cindy!  Not only for the Blogathon, but in all you do for animals in need.  Give hugs to the Ladies for me?

Join Cindy and help us make the world a better place for horses by donating to the Bay State Equine Rescue below.  Thank you!

Click the apple to donate now to help the BSER horses!


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